Ocasio-Cortez's Rank On The List Of Most Googled Politicians In The US Might Surprise You

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She took the American political scene by storm when she defeated 10-term congressman Joe Crowley in New York's 14th district Democratic primary in June. But you might be surprised to see where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stands among the most Googled politicians this year. In Google's 2018 top search results for politicians in the United States, Ocasio-Cortez is listed at number five.

Topping the list is Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who ran against a Republican opponent that faced accusations of voter suppression in the midterm elections. Coming in at number two is Beto O'Rourke, who ran an intense race against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz during the midterm election in November and eventually lost; Cruz himself comes in third. In fourth position on the list is Florida's Andrew Gillum, who ran an ultimately unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign against Republican Ron DeSantis.

While Google may not be able to exactly pinpoint why people searched for Ocasio-Cortez on its website, it can certainly show you when people Googled her name most. If you look at the Google analytics page for Ocasio-Cortez, you'll notice that the first spike in Google searches of her name appeared in June, around the time she defeated Crowley.

The interest somewhat slows down after that, then peaks in the first week of November, which was when the midterm elections were held.

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Of course, there are also related topics and questions when people search for Ocasio-Cortez on Google. Internet users in the United States seem to want to learn more about Ocasio-Cortez's brand of socialism; they also Googled "New York" and "election" when they looked her up online.

It's no surprise that people are enthralled with the progressive Democrat. Here are just some of the instances where the media sheds abundant spotlight on her: Newsweek has a list of Ocasio-Cortez's most popular Twitter takedowns, Vox journalist Matthew Yglesias wrote an article saying that it was "ridiculous" that Ocasio-Cortez is ineligible to run for president now given her age (she's only 29), a recent article in The Washington Post appeared to be amused by Ocasio-Cortez's unapologetic comebacks for conservatives online, and The Guardian recently analyzed why members of the right appeared to fixate on her.

Given such scrutiny the progressive politician from the Bronx has faced, it may surprise people that Ocasio-Cortez stood at number five in Google's most searched-for politicians in America.

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That list, however, doesn't just end at number five, where Ocasio-Cortez stands. It actually shows the Top 10 most Googled politicians of the year. Right after Ocasio-Cortez is the American ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, who announced her resignation in October. (She says she will leave at the end of this month.)

Then there are other Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins further down the list, along with Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Kyrsten Sinema. While people searched for politicians, they also asked some pretty important "how to" questions, according to Google, like wanting to know how to vote. Clearly, politics seemed to be on many American minds this year.