Here Are The Most Popular Emojis In Your City

by Caroline Burke

World Emoji Day aims to celebrate all things emoji — and based off of where you live, you might be seeing particular emojis more often than others when your friends flood your inbox. As it turns out, different cities have different preferences: Talkwalker, an international social media monitoring and analytics company, created an "emoji heat map" that shows the most frequently used emojis in each of 13 major cities. And the most popular emojis in your city just might remind you of something particularly special at home.

Within its analysis, Talkwalker revealed that the most universally popular emoji nationwide was the laugh-crying emoji, followed by noneother than the red heart emoji. Beyond those two classic symbols, the social media analytics company organized the rest of the emojis into a "heat map." The bigger the emoji on the given map, the more frequently it's used in that city.

In addition to the differences reflected across each of the major cities listed, you might be pleasantly surprised to see just how much in common people have, even if they live thousands of miles apart from one another. Here are the most popular emojis in 13 big cities across the United States, as analyzed by Talkwalker:



Boston might be one of the coldest cities in the country, but its residents seem to be feeling the heat — the fire emoji is the top emoji used there, according to Talkwalker's analysis. Other top emojis include the heart eyes emoji, the trophy emoji, and the American flag emoji.

New York


It's likely not a big surprise to anyone that the top emoji for New York is the statue of liberty emoji, per Talkwalker — but a close runner-up turned out to be the green heart emoji. Throw in the sparkle emoji and the black heart emoji, and you'll be a regular New Yorker.



Philadelphia may not have had the sports season that Boston had this year, but its residents still appear to be celebrating: the fire emoji was the top emoji for this city as well, according to Talkwalker. Other top emojis included the thinking emoji, the eyes emoji, and the 100! emoji.



Miami's emojis seem to encapsulate the temperature and feeling of the city, with a palm tree emoji taking the top prize, followed by a sun emoji, a flashing red siren emoji, and the heart eyes emoji. Not to be ignored: the tiny champagne bottle popping off near the bottom of the cloud.



The residents of Nashville really seem to go for the classics, offering up the red heart emoji, the fire emoji, and the heart eyes emoji as some of their top picks, per Talkwalker. To throw in some representation for the musically-affiliated city, residents also live it up with the singing mic emoji, the guitar emoji, and the musical tunes emoji.

New Orleans


Given that the symbol for New Orleans (as well as the New Orleans Saints' logo) is the fleur-de-lis, it's no surprise that residents elevate the emoji all the way to the top. Talkwalker's analysis shows the flashing red siren emoji to be a favorite, too, as well as the yellow heart emoji and the fire emoji.



Chicago residents sure love the purple heart emoji, Talkwalker reports, as well as a whole host of smiley emojis. The sobbing emoji, thinking emoji, heart eyes emoji, and smiling emoji all appear to be fan favorites. Oh, and that pizza slice — deep dish, anyone?



Talkwalker's analysis of Austin shows the city's residents to be all about the fire emoji, the American flag emoji, and the flashing red siren emoji. A little hometown pride for the University of Texas at Austin also shows up in the emoji cloud, with the hook 'em horns emoji (also known as the rock on emoji). Don't forget the camera and film emojis, to reflect Austin's artsy scene.



Denver may be a mountain town, but you might not know it by the emojis Denver residents use the most. Per Talkwalker, the top emojis used in Denver are the fire emoji, the megaphone emoji, and the flashing red siren emoji. Other favorites included the basketball emoji (go Nuggets!) and the bag of money emoji.

Las Vegas


For a city like Las Vegas, you can probably guess that its most popular emojis would really run the gamut. According to Talkwalker, there's a major range of emotion for the top emojis used in Sin City, with the heart eyes emoji and the sobbing emoji vying for top usage. Other emojis include the confetti emoji, and the slots emoji.

Los Angeles


Hollywood is the city where dreams are made (and broken), and it looks like Angelenos are all about that dreamy warm weather. Talkwalker reports that the top emojis for Los Angeles are the fire emoji, the palm tree emoji, and the sparkle emoji. Oh, and the flashing camera s pretty popular too. Hello, paparazzi.

San Francisco


There's nothing quite like the Golden Gate Bridge, and San Francisco residents seem to know it. Per Talkwalker, multiple bridge emojis are some of the top used by residents, including the foggy bridge emoji and the nighttime bridge emoji. Other top emojis included the sobbing emoji and the fire emoji. Slightly smaller and found on the bottom of the cloud is the rainbow emoji, which could serve as a nod to the city's long history of LGBTQ activism.



It may rain a lot in Seattle, but you wouldn't know it from the emojis Seattle residents use. According to Talkwalker, the two top emojis are the fire emoji and the sparkles emoji. Other favorites are the blue heart emoji, the green heart emoji, and the flashing camera emoji.

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