2020's Most Popular Piercing Trends Include High Nostril Placement & Curated Ears

Getting pierced has always been cool, but in 2019 piercings (and the jewellery that come with them) felt more popular than ever. From the curated ear look to a whole host of bespoke piercing brands popping up, this was the trend to get on board with in 2019, and Instagram was proof of that. But where are piercings going? What looks will be cool come next year? I spoke to Sacred Gold head piercer Nicole Mitchell to discover what the most popular piercing trends for 2020 will be and what we can expect going forward.

First up, it's worth mentioning that the curated ear trend shows zero signs of slowing down, and Mitchell, who has seen first hand just how popular it has become, can attest to that. "The curated ear is all about style, feeling amazing, and looking beautiful and adorned, and these are all things you carry with you every day, literally and figuratively," she explains. "It's certainly a trend right now, but definitely not a fad! Feel special and great about yourself forever, not just today." Going forward in 2020, Mitchell believes the trend will take focus on multiple lobe 'stacks,' which follow all the way up the curvature of the ear.

Ear curation services are set to take further steps forward in 2020 too, with in-store piercing stations designed in order to create the customer's ideal look. Sacred Gold, for example, offer 'curation consults' every day in their studio, which Mitchell says involves "discussing with clients their ideas and what works for them, and celebrates them." Other brands such as Otiumberg also offer online services such as their 'earring builder,' which allows customers to build their prospective look on a virtual ear before buying.

But what else can we expect for 2020?

Mitchell explains that, as well as thinking about how our earrings will be styled, there will be a focus on the type of jewellery we're choosing too. There will be "bigger jewellery, excitement for coloured gemstones and more ornate and bold pieces," she says.

As well as this, fine, bespoke jewellery designed specifically for each client is going to take centre stage also, such as the pieces Mitchell designed with Body Vision (BVLA) for piercings done at Sacred Gold. Many other demi-fine and fine jewellery brands offer bespoke pieces too, including the likes of Roxanne First. For 2020, it's all about tailoring your look specifically to you and using piercings as a form of self expression.

There is also set to be a movement towards more obscure piercings such as the snug, daith, surface, and septum. "These of course are not unheard of at all," Mitchell says, "but they were certainly not asked after by the majority, which is the case now."

And perhaps the bravest new piercing you could opt for? "High nostril piercings," says Mitchell. "These are definitely a rarity, but now are seemingly becoming more and more popular with more social media visibility."

Sacred Gold

Whatever piercing you go for next, be sure to do your research before picking where you get pierced. Studios that specialise in piercings are always best, and are worth paying slightly more for in terms of safety, cleanliness, expertise, and healing times. Now roll on 2020.