This Is The Wedding Movie That's Most Popular In Your State

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Get your movie butter popcorn popping and prepare yourself for some seriously romantic data. Wedding season is around the corner, and that's inspiring us all to queue up Netflix with wedding movie after movie. Thanks to a recent study by style advice blog The Black Tux, you'll know what wedding movie is the most popular specifically in your state. It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to be in the mood for a romantic movie. It could literally be a Wednesday night in May.

The Black Tux put on their ~stylish~ scientific data hats to bring us the information we never knew we actually needed. In order to break down what state's favorite wedding blockbuster was, The Black Tux built a list of popular movies from "best of" lists featured on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. They also added their own "best of" list of movies featuring dreamy weddings, a total of 100 movies. The Black Tux explains their methodology further, saying, "Next, we used Google Trends to look at search data by state from March 2018 through March 2019 to determine which wedding movie was the most searched in each state in the last 12 months."

The results? All 50 states ~mostly~ have their own taste in movies with one romantic movie featuring multiple love stories being the most popular.

The Black Tux

We all have our own favorite love story. There's Romeo + Juliet, brilliantly and beautifully reimagined by Baz Luhrmann in 1995 with a hunky Leonardo DiCaprio and angelic Claire Danes playing the star crossed lovers. There's the joyous Broadway to Meryl Streep-starring movie Mamma Mia! you can't help but sing along to. And then immediately have inspire your Greek wedding Pinterest board. And then there's Love, Actually. The famously British film is the most searched in three of America's states — making it, at least in this study's parameters, the most popular movie with a wedding in it in America.

Love, Actually was the most searched wedding movie in Vermont, Washington, D.C., and Massachusetts. Following up is the Salim Akil directed Jumping The Broom, starring Angela Bassett and Paula Patton. This movie, about two families gathering on Martha's Vineyard for a wedding weekend — where of course hilarity and ~emotions~ ensue — is the most popular in Maryland and South Carolina.

The Black Tux

If you're located in the midwest, you might be in the mood to get teary eyed over a kiss above a birthday cake. John Hughes' legendary Sixteen Candles, about a girl whose family forgets her milestone birthday in the chaos of her older sister's wedding (watch this for serious '80s bridesmaid dress inspo), is the most popular in both Wyoming and Iowa.

From there, each state seems to have their own preference when it comes to searching for the perfect wedding movie to watch on a Wednesday. And most of the time it has something to do with being filmed close to home. New York, for example, can't get enough of Sex and The City: The Movie. What New Yorker could forget Carrie's dream New York City Public Library planned wedding extravaganza-turned-nightmare?

Washington state favors the Nora Ephron directed Sleepless in Seattle for ... obvious reasons. California apparently loves to cry a lot because the most searched movie involving a wedding is Pixar's Up, which briefly shows the nuptials between Carl and Ellie that I can't even recall without becoming verklempt.

Whether you're in Tennessee and ready to re-watch Romeo + Juliet for the millionth time or in Rhode Island and getting cozy in front of 27 Dresses, there is a wedding movie for you. Get that popcorn popped and plop down in front of a big screen kind of romance to get in the mood for wedding season.