The Movies & Shows Coming To Netflix In July 2018 Will Make You Want To Stay Inside Even On The Sunniest Days

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Summer may be a time that you prefer to stay outside, but thanks to Netflix, there's still plenty of reason to stay inside even on the warmest of days. If you still aren't convinced, though, what's coming to Netflix in July 2018 should be enough to prove that summer weather can only go so far when it comes to marathoning your way through various movies and beloved TV shows. The streaming service always has great options to offer, but July in particular will prove to provide an exceptional line-up of options, including a few of your childhood favorites and some franchises that are dino-mite, just to give you a clue.

So while some of you may be inclined to lounge out by the pool for the month or perhaps think about taking a break entirely from TV for awhile, this list may very well end up changing your mind. After all, who needs sunshine when you have a vast array of exciting adventures and romantic excursions at your fingertips? From fairytale favorites to nail-biting thrillers, there's something to hold everyone's interest and keep you occupied all summer long. But you don't have to just take my word for it.

Just out the biggest selection of movies and TV shows heading to Netflix in the coming weeks.

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