The "My Origin Story" Hashtag Has Twitter Users Revealing Their Superhero-esque Upbringings

Everyone gets their start somewhere. Whether you end up a pop star, archeologist, plumber, or pro tennis player, the path that led you to the present can color who you are and how you see the world. And with the trending hashtag #MyOriginStory, Twitter users are revealing their own backgrounds, and telling outrageously mythical and very real tales of how they came to be — in 140 characters or less.

Some of the most engaging origin stories are of the superhero variety. Bruce Wayne's parents get killed and he ends up as Batman, the caped crusader dedicated to saving a crumbling city on the brink. Science whiz kid Peter Parker — another orphan no stranger to strife — gets bitten by a radioactive spider and suddenly has the strength of an arachnid as Spiderman. And then there's Ororo Munroe, the X-Men badass who was also orphaned at a young age (do we sense a pattern here?) and eventually wields the powers of the elements when she becomes Storm.

Most of us, however, have far less dramatic upbringings, but there are definitely those with truths that are stranger and more inspiring than fiction. Here are just a few of Twitter's origin stories, from the serious and the sexual to the silly and the superhero-esque.

1. The Serious Origin Story

2. The Silly Origin Story

3. The Sexual Origin Story

4. The Superhero Origin Story