These Neon-Lit Jackets Are Perfect For Your Bachelorette Party In Vegas

The Neon Muse

There is something about neon lights that makes you think of balmy summer nights at beach bars, wearing sequins and drinking cocktails on rooftops, and dancing in your boho-best in desert festivals. And now one brand is capturing all of those summer moods in one jacket design. The Neon Muse's neon-light jackets (offered in sizes S to XL) will help you stand out this summer, whether that's inside a dark bar or while out on the boardwalk with friends.

The Neon Muse is the brainchild of Kat Simic, who is a millennial solo-entrepreneur that creates light-up jackets in Las Vegas. (Very appropriate.) Simic first came up with the idea for the statement piece when she made a light-up vest for Burning Man to be illuminated at night while on her bike. But it wasn't until after she attended Art Basel in Miami a few months later that she had the "aha" moment. There was neon art all over the prestigious art show, and Simic wanted to recreate that same look on a jacket.

"I then started making samples based on my first Burning Man design. I wore out my first working prototype, which was a black vegan leather moto jacket with 'lover' written in pink neon. The response was wildly positive and unexpected, and I then knew that I had to make this into a company," Simic tells Bustle.

The Neon Muse has a line of classic neon styles including sequin lips, a broken heart, and neon text among other options. It also has a custom division where anyone can create their own statement pieces. It's been a huge hit with bridal parties for just that reason. "I have been doing a lot of custom bridal designs lately, and it feels special that a bride or her bridesmaids would choose one of my designs on such a big day," Simic says. "It is also neat that I can incorporate tech into such a traditional industry and possibly shape the future of bridal wear."

But even if you're not currently a bride or planning a bachelorette party, neon jackets are still a fun addition to any summer wardrobe. "Your friends will never lose you at a festival or event ever again. You can spot a neon jacket from a mile away!" Simic jokes.

All of the pieces in The Neon Muse are handmade, made-to-order, and one-of-a-kind. And thanks to the custom order option, you can create a unique piece for your closet with your own message or passion.

For those who try to do good with their dollars, The Neon Muse also donates a portion of its proceeds to charities. Each of its neon jacket designs are paired with a partner charity, and $10 of each purchase goes to that designated charity. Right now The Neon Muse helps provide medical care for the uninsured, care for unaccompanied refugee children, and environmental education.

"I worked for several non-profits before starting The Neon Muse and received my MSc in Water Resources Management. It is crucial that I continue to support charities dedicated to tackling issues that are important to me," Simic says. "I hope to set an example for newer emerging brands that it is possible to work charity into the business model."

If you want to light up this summer, The Neon Muse can help you do just that — literally.