These Cat-Shaped Lip Glosses Are Every Cat Lover's Dream Product


Cat lovers, rejoice. Katy Petty has your back. If you're the type that pounces on anything and everything cat-related, then the new CoverGirl Katy Kat Lip Gloss is going to make you want to do cartwheels.

Katy Perry and the brand linked forces almost a year ago, and this cat-inspired gloss is the third lip product they put out onto the market together. If you missed the previous ones, there were the Katy Kat Matte lipsticks, which were demi-matte lipstick bullets that had a velvety texture that didn't leave your lips feeling flat and dry like other formulas. There were 11 shades in all, and most of them were conservative. They went through a gradient of pinks and mauves, then detouring into a pastel purple and ink black shade to shake things up. Then there was the Katy Kat Pearl Lipstick collection, which got a touch more exciting. A limited edition collection of four pearlescent shimmery shades, the formula was infused with shea butter and luxurious oils for a creamy and hydrating texture. The colors spanned from a glittery red, to a soft pink, to a bright coral, and then finally, to an icy unicorn blue.

But this newest makeup addition to the collaboration - the Katy Kat Lip Gloss — is the most fun one yet. Spanning a rainbow of different colors, the glosses aren't encased in normal plastic tubes. Instead, they're long and willowy, with caps in the shape of cats! Finally the Katy Kat line ran with the pun. But instead of feeling kitschy the caps feel sleek, thanks to the silver modern design.

The color range itself has stepped out of its "neutrals" comfort zone and has gone with more unconventional colors this time around, spanning everywhere from icy blue to pastel lavender. And unlike the pearl lipsticks, there are a whopping 12 different high-pigment shades to choose from.

As far as the gloss formula goes, this isn't one of those products that looks super pigmented in the tubes but glides on clear. What you see in the bottle is what you get on your lips, which makes the candy-land shade selection even more exciting. Check out the options below.



Katy Kat Gloss, $8, Ulta

A poppy purple, this plum color will add an interesting detail to any winter outfit, whether that be a turtleneck dress or a heavy knit.


Ninth Life

Katy Kat Gloss, $8, Ulta

A person can never have too many reds in their arsenal, including this siren-red shade appropriately called "Ninth Life."


Wine Feline

Katy Kat Gloss, $8, Ulta

For those that like to wade into the wine-colored spectrum of the red color wheel, this deep shade will have you thinking of Merlot and Pinot Noir.


Candy Cat

Katy Kat Gloss, $8, Ulta

Sweet like candy, this bubble gum pink shade is perfect when you want to add a cheerful dose of color to your look.


Kitty Karma

Katy Kat Gloss, $8, Ulta

If you're feeling electric a particular morning, then this hot pink shade will mirror your mood perfectly.


Tabby Tease

Katy Kat Gloss, $8, Ulta

A shimmery coral, this is a more traditional hue, but there's nothing boring about it.



Katy Kat Gloss, $8, Ulta

For those that like a more mauve or '90s-inspired brown color, the "Cateloupe" hue will fit all your needs.



Katy Kat Gloss, $8, Ulta

Lilac, fresh, and super pastel, the "Pounce" color will have you feeling like you're wearing spring on your lips.


Indigo Cat

Katy Kat Gloss, $8, Ulta

Navy lipstick became one of the "It" lip colors of the season, and the "Indigo Cat" is Perry's take on the hue.


Purrple Paws

Katy Kat Gloss, $8, Ulta

If you're looking for a true purple shade, the "Purrple Paws" lippie fits the bill.


Cobalt Kitty

Katy Kat Gloss, $8, Ulta

Not for the meek of heart, this icy blue color is a bold statement for any makeup lover. You will be impossible to miss with this frosted across your lips.


White Catillac

Katy Kat Gloss, $8, Ulta

Add a little frost to your winter look with this white, sparkly option.

Whether you go traditional with a siren red lip or mix things up with a chilly ice blue, the new Katy Kat Gloss collection has your back.