You’re About To Get A TON Of New Food Emoji — Including A WAFFLE


One of the most interesting innovations in modern communication is the emoji. The tiny pictures spice up any text conversation, and many have taken on double meanings of their own. There's an emoji for almost everything, but even so, there seems like a constant outcry for the addition of different symbols. There's no TURDUCKEN emoji! How dare they?! But, chances are one of the food emoji you're been yearning for won't be an unfulfilled desire soon, considering there are SO MANY MORE new food emoji for 2019 that are headed our way. Of the 230 new emoji slated for this year, a good number of them will make foodies scream.

According to a post on Emojipedia, the 12.0 update of Emoji "is comprised of 59 distinct new emojis; 75 when gender variations are taken into account; and 230 new emojis when all skin tone options are also included." The new, original designs, "... have been created in a glossy 'Apple-like' style and show the range of new emojis on offer." In addition to food options like a variety of veggies, a breakfast favorite, and beverages for all ages, Unicode is finally giving the foodies what they want (while hopefully avoiding another #BagelGate by making sure the appropriate toppings are represented this time). Here are all the food emoji you'll be able to use, should all your platforms update with Unicode's new designs.



It's a key ingredient in most savory dishes, and smells like heaven when you sauté it. The onion is a kitchen staple, and certainly deserves its spot in your emoji repertoire.



In the same vein: you likely triple the amount called for this item in recipes, and smear is on crusty bread with butter. Garlic is a necessity when it comes to cooking, so its addition is long overdue.



It's Leslie Knope's favorite food and arguably the best breakfast out there. With a simple pat of butter sitting on top, this waffle emoji is the perfect way to ask your friends to grab some brunch one weekend.



Simple yet perhaps unexpected, the butter emoji depicts an item found in almost every household, that inarguably improves any dish.



If you aren't already well-versed in it, falafel is a Middle Eastern dish made from ground chickpeas that are spiced and fried until golden brown; its popularity in the U.S. makes this emoji long overdue for this audience.



Mate is a caffeine-laden South American beverage that has gained popularity along with the rise of the wellness movement. If there's an emoji of it, now you HAVE to try it.


Beverage Box

Who says juice boxes are only for kids? This little emoji juice box not only comes with its own little bendy straw, it has a little emoji on the label. It's emoji-ception!



Oysters are an acquired taste and this one kind of looks like a foot, but look! There a little pearl in the middle! It's even shiny! You've outdone yourself this time, emoji masters.


You can take a look at the 230 new emoji that Emojipedia assembled into a video here — get ready to celebrate with waffles, sloths, and planets galore.

In the meantime, time to start prepping for all the emoji recipes you'll be able to type out with these new additions in 2019!