You Need To Watch This If You're Sad 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Is Over

by Allie Gemmill
Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO

The time has arrived: we are in between seasons of Game of Thrones. It's already tough dealing with the emptiness in our left by this show, no? Luckily, you can stave off this sadness with HBO's The Game Revealed, a Game of Thrones recap series that will help tide your over until GoT Season 8 while easing the pain that Season 7 is over. The first episode was released on Monday Aug. 28, just one day after the Season 7 finale aired. You can view the first episode on YouTube or on any HBO platform.

According to a press release from HBO, The Game Revealed is for "fans who are still dissecting and debating the major developments of season seven after [Season 7]’s dramatic finale." Each episode of this series will focus on the corresponding Season 7 episode and will take fans behind-the-scenes to see how the episodes came to life. You will be able to indulge in interviews with GoT showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the directors of each respective episode, the crew who worked on each episode, and, of course, the actors we've loved to watch this season.

Some of the notable highlights from the first episode of The Game Revealed include interviews with Ed Sheeran on his guest role as a member of the Lannister army and actor Maisie Williams describing the thrill of the Season 7 premiere cold open, when she has the immense satisfaction of ripping off a prosthetic of Walder Frey's face. It doesn't get much better than that.

If the first episode in this mini-series is any indication, then each episode will illuminate aspects of Season 7's production that we might not think too much about. Be it changing up the look of the White Walkers to make them more menacing or understanding how why the set design team made the interiors of Dragonstone look the way they did, there will most certainly be plenty of good nuggets like that waiting for you in subsequent episodes.

Go ahead and press play. You know you want to.