Zara & Jo Malone Have Created The Affordable Fragrance Collection Of Your Dreams


If you're a habitual perfume-sprayer, you'll be all too aware of how costly stocking up on your favourite fragrances can be. But thanks to a partnership between a huge high street brand and one of the beauty industry's most celebrated women, your bank balance needn't suffer. Zara and Jo Malone CBE's new fragrance collection boasts eight dreamy scents, and it's available online and in stores right now.

The fashion behemoth and woman behind fragrance brand Jo Loves started working together more than a year ago. Malone told Harper's Bazaar she received no brief, deciding to use Zara's archives to inspire each scent. The result — formally named Zara Emotions — comes in three sizes: a 90ml bottle costing £25.95, a smaller 40ml version priced at £15.95, and a £5.95 travel-sized 10ml perfume.

"Every fragrance has been crafted with personality and a voice to tell its story in a unique fashion," Malone said in a statement. "I hope you enjoy this first collection — it is full of imagination and artistry." Eagle-eyed readers will spot mention of a "first" collection. According to Business of Fashion, Malone and Zara have agreed to a long-term partnership. In fact, Malone is already said to be working on upcoming collections for 2020 and 2021.

But back to the first lot. The eight fragrances each have enticing names (think Vetiver Pamplemousse and Amalfi Sunray) and are designed to be worn however you like. So whether that's picking and sticking to your favourite or layering two or more, you have complete and utter freedom.

Malone describes Bohemian Bluebells an intriguing combination of lavender, sandalwood, and musk — as "like nothing you have ever smelt before," adding: "It’s full of bold, unexpected notes and its vibrant character mesmerises the wearer."

Ebony Wood, meanwhile, mixes clove, peppercorn, and, of course, ebony wood for a smell evoking "that moment of freedom and carefree adventures that are about to begin." And then there's Fleur D'Oranger: the joining of ylang ylang, neroli, and orange flower that's said to be perfect for "regal" moments.

Fancy wearing two, but not sure which to pair? Malone recommends spritzing Tuberose Noir (ylang ylang, tuberose, and sandalwood) together with Fleur D'Oranger or Bohemian Bluebells with Fleur De Patchouli (peony, patchouli, and guaiac wood), per Harper's Bazaar.

And if you've been looking for the ideal Christmas gift for a fragrance-loving friend? Well, you've just found it.