Get A Look At The Next KL Polish Shade


This beauty vlogger’s birthday is proving to be a great day for everyone. Not only did ColourPop release a special set of lippies to honor the fact that she's turning 25, but KathleenLights also announced another surprise is on the way. What is the next KL Polish shade going to be? According to the brand’s Instagram, a new, shimmery, birthday-inspired lacquer is on the way!

The latest Instagram post is very telling. Not only do you get our first glimpse at the product, but you also get the chance to find out that it’s “coming soon.” There hasn’t been an official date announced yet, so definitely stay tuned for that. Because by the looks of it — you’re not going to want to miss out on this item.

It appears to be chock full of sparkle, just as you might expect from a celebratory polish. With this slicked on, you can count on a pewter sheen and a whole lot of sparkle from your manicure. It’ll have you ready to party like it’s your birthday in no time — that’s for sure. The other polishes from the brand retail for $8.50, so I’m assuming you can expect the same from this color, as well. All you need now is a great dress to accompany your glammed-out mani!

Look at how pretty this is! Even the packaging got a makeover!


She's really doing it up for her 25th birthday, and I gotta say, I don't mind one bit!

This is bad for wallets, but great for beauty collections everywhere. Can we celebrate the anniversary of her birth everyday?

The polish on top of new ColourPop lippies? It just doesn't get better than this.

The latest joins some pretty incredible options because when it comes to creating products you'll love, KathleenLights knows how it's done!

With colors this pretty, you might as well shop one of everything to help KathleenLights commemorate her big day! The lippies are available on the ColourPop website now, and be on the lookout for the latest KL Polish shade very soon!