The One App You Need To Download Based On Your Sign

It's a digital world, and we're all just living in it. If your phone doesn't have a lot of storage you need to be selective about your apps, which is why the one app you need to download based on your zodiac sign is going to change your life. Each sign has different traits and characteristics due to their position in the zodiac, their element — earth, fire, water, or air — and whether they are a fixed, mutable, or cardinal sign. Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, are full of power and light, according to Astrologer Susan Miller of Astrology Zone. People born under fire signs tend to be trendsetters, they'e natural-born leaders, and they seem to be sprinkled with a little extra pixie dust, like Aries-born Mother Monster Lady Gaga.

Fire signs are going to need apps that help them create, and that assist them with presenting their best features to the world. Earth signs, Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo, are practical builders, according to Miller. "Earth signs turn dreams into reality, whether their own or those of people around them. They understand all the steps one needs to take, from drawing up a budget, to scheduling deadlines, to overseeing the work flow to completion."

Earth-sign people — like Virgo-born superstar Beyoncé — benefit from apps that keep them organized, on task, and assist them in getting where they're going.

People born under air signs, Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius, are highly intelligent and yearn to communicate and connect. "Restless and curious, air signs continually hunger for new ideas to chew on, and they need lots of stimulation," Miller explained on Astrology Zone. "They are rational, versatile, verbal, quick, and alert." Thus, air signs, like Gemini-born rock goddess Stevie Nicks, can use apps that help them communicate while providing visual or auditory stimulation.

Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are passionate, mysterious, and sensitive. "This is a highly imaginative group, and very creative," Miller noted. "Their observations on the human condition often inspire masterpieces of painting, music, photography, literature, or dance." Water signs, like Scorpio-born should-have-been president Hillary Clinton, are best served by apps that help them channel their passion and ideas into action.

So, what's the best app for your sign? The answer lies in the zodiac.


Aries: ModiFace Augmented Reality Beauty App

Aries is a cardinal sign, which Miller described as pioneering and enterprising. Aries-born people love style, and they love being ahead of the curve. Augmented-reality app ModiFace can satisfy Aries' style, beauty, and tech needs. Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and online, ModiFace features scientifically validated skin assessment and simulation, photo-realistic makeup simulation with dynamic lighting adaption, and photo-realistic hair color and style simulation, according to its website.

This app, developed by scientists and engineers, lets Aries sample the best brands and styles right from their phone. And, the cutting-edge technology is ideal for leader-of-the-pack Aries.

Download ModiFace.


Taurus: Change Financial Health App

Taurus is a fixed sign. Rather than set trends, fixed signs work to maintain them, concentrate energy, and solidify ideas, according to Miller. Stubborn and spendy Taurus has a strong mind for order and financial analysis, but often lives beyond their means because they also love to be surrounded by luxury and comfort.

The Change app by Change Labs is an artificial intelligence, virtual financial assistant that can help Taurus stay on track. Developed by behavioral scientists and data experts, Change can assist Taurus with tracking their spending, and help them change bad spending habits. It also prevents the bull from living beyond their means, and helps them save money so Taurus-born people can keep maintaining their fabulous lives without going broke.

Sign Up for Change.


Gemini: Overnight Home Sharing App

Gemini is a mutable sign. These signs prepare for the transition to the next season, Miller noted, and their traits are communication, flexibility, and destruction. Fiercely independent Gemini likes to live life on their own terms. According to the website Zodiac Signs Astrology, Gemini will never let anyone else dictate their path in life. The twins like to get up and go, to see the world, and they like to do it on their own time table.

For the globetrotting Gemini, the Overnight home-sharing app's Girls LOVE Travel group, launched in June, is a game changer for solo female travelers. "Since the beginning, the number one request within the Girls LOVE Travel community has been for a safer, more cost-effective way to travel and stay with other GLT members," founder Haley Woods said in a press release. "With the launch of Groups, our partnership with Overnight provides members with the opportunity to do just that."

Download Overnight.


Cancer: Huddle Peer-to-Peer Support App

Cardinal-sign Cancer is wrapped up in contradictions. "On one side, they have the perseverance and drive to do what needs to be done, they are self-sufficient and do not need to depend on other people for the material and physical things in life," Zodiac Signs Astrology explained on its website. "On the other hand, [Cancers] depend on people for emotional support and encouragement."

It can be frustrating for the crab if they don't have a stable emotional support system present in their daily lives. This is why the new video-based peer-to-peer support app Huddle is perfect for Cancer-born people who are seeking a little extra emotional support. "Peer support is incredibly effective, but traditional forms are fragmented, antiquated and stigmatized,” Huddle Cofounder Dan Blackman said in a press release to Bustle. “We’ve built Huddle to offer a safe platform where being open, honest and supportive is celebrated.”

Download Huddle.


Leo: Periscope Live Streaming App

Fixed-sign Leo loves to be in control, and lions also love to be admired and appreciated for the stars they are. "Their enthusiasm attracts people, Leos are social butterflies, not because they want to be but because people always naturally gravitate and surround the Leo," Zodiac Signs Astrology noted. "Leos are very difficult people to not like."

Leos likely have a strong social media following, and Periscope was made for Leos who like to invite everyone to view their activities. It's kind of like having your own reality show because you can basically live stream your life. "While there are many ways to discover events, movements, and places, we realized there is no better way to experience something than through live video," Periscope noted on its website. "A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video lets us explore the world together."

Download Periscope.


Virgo: Brainsparker Creative Thinking App

Mutable-sign Virgo can get stuck in a cycle of single-minding thinking, and they often need a little shove to get them thinking outside of the box. "[Virgos] are fully able to put their intelligence to use and get things done for themselves," Zodiac Signs Astrology noted. "It is possible however that their narrow mindedness causes their creativity to suffer, and they may lead regular routine lives."

If you're a Virgo who can't get out of your own way, Brainsparker is an app that promotes creative thinking by providing you with creativity prompts. "Whether you're facing a challenge at work, in life or with a creative project, Brainsparker's unique mix of trigger words, quotes, images, actions and questions will spark an endless source of fresh ideas," Brainsparker noted on its website.

Download Brainsparker.


Libra: Modsy Visual Design Mobile Website

Cardinal-sign Libra can tend to be "lazy but like posh surroundings and nice decor," Zodiac Signs Astrology wrote. Libras are creative, intelligent, independent but social, and are actively seeking to balance their lives at all times. Libras are highly affected by their environment and prefer to be surrounded by beauty whenever possible.

While not technically an app, virtual 3D design website Modsy was made for Libras; their website even says, "We believe that better designed environments lead to happier lives." I dare you to find a Libra that disagrees. I'm a Libra, and for me this is 100 percent true. You can even take a style quiz to help you get started. "We sit at the intersection of design, art and technology, combining together advanced 3D graphics, computer vision and creative curation," Modsy explained on its website. "Our mission is to change the way we imagine, design and create our homes."

Sign Up for Modsy.


Scorpio: Productive Habit Building App

Fixed-sign Scorpio likes to be in control, and failure is never an option. "A Scorpio never gives up, they are so determined to reach their goal. The key to this success is their flexibility," Zodiac Signs Astrology explained. "They are able to re-survey a situation and take a different approach if necessary. This makes them very adaptable and versatile."

Productive is an app that can help Scorpio build healthy habits, and track and achieve goals. "Flexible scheduling lets you plan your habits by morning,afternoon, or evening," the Productive website noted. Create a simple routine that's low-stress and easy to stick to." The app also allows you to track your success to stay motivated.

Download Productive.


Sagittarius: Adventure Junky App

Mutable-sign Sagittarius craves adventure, excitement, and constant change. According to Zodiac Signs Astrology, Sagittarius born people are natural-born philosophers and explorers. "Freedom is so important to Sagittarius that they will actually make decisions based on the amount of freedom that is given by the choice they have made, as a result, sometimes a good opportunity is turned down because of it's high commitment need."

Adventure Junky is the perfect app for the restless Sagittarius. Adventure Junky allows you to streamline your travel journey from the "'high' of one amazing adventure to the next – one app to dream, plan, connect with friends, book and share." Find your next adventure, meet fellow adventure junkies, and share it all with the world.

Download Adventure Junky.


Capricorn: Mindfulness Meditation App

Cardinal-sign Capricorn is a leader focused on achievement who likes to do everything on their own, rarely leaving important details to others. Additionally, according to Zodiac Signs Astrology, "Capricorns have this sense of melancholy and necessity for structure and work because inside they feel they are unworthy and need to continuously prove their worth. Once they realize that all they need is self-love, door will open and they will see the world in a new light, one that allows for pleasure and guilt-free fun."

Because Capricorns have a hard time getting out of their own heads, this cerebral sign would benefit from a meditation app like The Mindfulness App. This app includes a five-day guided introduction to mindfulness, guided and silent timed sessions that range from three to 30 minutes, reminders and statistics to stay focused on your practice, and a library filled with premium meditations and courses.

Download The Mindfulness App.


Aquarius: Dragon Mobile Assistant

Fixed-sign Aquarius has big ideas, but small details can often be overlooked. "Aquarius' one downfall is the attention to detail, they like the grand ideas and massive plans and can make them happen, but the mundane day to day repetitive details cause them to procrastinate," Zodiac Signs Astrology noted. Basically, Aquarius-born people could benefit from having an assistant.

For big picture Aquarius, Dragon Mobile Assistant can help take care of some of the smaller details that this sign tends to overlook. Dragon can basically do everything a real live assistant can do, except drive you somewhere, but that's why there's Uber.

Download Mobile Assistant.


Pisces: Moleskin Smart Writing Set

Mutable-sign Pisces is "excellent at anything that tugs at the heart strings and mystical/spiritual," Zodiac Signs Astrology noted. "They are extremely creative and can use their skills of creativity and their understanding of people to inspire others." Pensive Pisces tend to be highly sensitive people, and they often journal, draw, and create art and music.

The Moleskin Smart Writing Set is a physical notebook paired with a smart pen+ and a companion app that enables Pisces to digitally edit and share what they create on paper in real-time without taking a photo, uploading files, or scanning documents, according to the website.

Get the Moleskin Smart Writing Set.