The One Money-Saving App To Download Before Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday deals at Target are epic this year.

For savvy shoppers who like to save money, the holidays are synonymous with deals. And if you want to save big bucks like a boss, there's one app you should have for Cyber Monday 2019. These days, there's no need to pay full price for anything. That being said, scouring the internet for the lowest prices can be a time consuming endeavor. Fortunately, the Honey browser extension and app for your phone and tablet can help make finding the best Cyber Monday deals a little simpler.

Currently, Android users will have to stick with the browser extension. However, you can sign up to get a notification when the Honey app launches in the Google Play store. Honey is super easy to use. Once you add it to your browser or you download the app, just shop like you normally would from your phone, tablet, or computer on Cyber Monday.

Honey will find coupon codes and promotions for you, and you'll see the discounts reflected in your shopping cart. This means you don't have to have multiple browser tabs open to compare prices. Honey basically makes sure you're getting the best Cyber Monday deals.

If you, like me, have ever searched for coupon or promo codes to save money shopping online and spent way more time than you'd care to admit testing them at checkout, Honey does that for you and applies the ones that are valid. Can I get a hell yeah?!

The app allows you to take back your time and keep more of your money while still scoring great gifts for everyone on your list. If Amazon is your go-to online shop for everything, Honey has something called an Amazon Badge that compares prices for you on similar products from other sellers on Amazon. You can also create a "Droplist," which is basically a list of things you want to get notified about when they're available at a lower price.

It's sort of like having a personal assistant that zooms around cyberspace for you and gathers up intel. I mean, let's be honest, who doesn't want their own personal space cowboy out there doing their bidding?

If you're someone who shops exclusively from their phone, and you're an iPhone user, Honey lets you do all of your shopping right from its app. You can add all of your items to one cart and checkout right on the app even if your deals are from different stores.

Personally, I think there's something to be said for simplicity. I was on a work trip recently where someone was talking on three phones at once to try to find a missing car service driver who never showed up. People have way too much going on in their lives and on their phones. Get rid of some of the noise by making this one thing easier on yourself.

I mean, you can definitely choose to do things the hard way, but if that's not your jam, and you're already planning to bag your holiday bounty on Cyber Monday, get the Honey app to help you. Then, treat yourself with that extra time and money you're going to have left over because you're a smart shopper who knows what's up.

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