The One Mary-Kate & Ashley Movie You Completely Forgot About

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Arguably the greatest thing to emerge in the '90s pop culture zeitgeist were the Olsen twins. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen skyrocketed to fame playing Michelle Tanner on Full House before going on to produce a series of beloved and profitable home videos, then moving into film. Amidst all the amazing work they've done, we need to take some time to sing the praises of Winning London, the one Olsen twins movie that you forgot about. You definitely won't forget it after this moment because I'm here to confirm that Winning London is actually the greatest film the Olsen twins ever made.

When you think Olsen twins movies, you'll most likely think of It Takes Two, Switching Goals, Our Lips Are Sealed, or maybe even New York Minute. All of them great, all of them very on-brand with the goofy yet thoroughly charming Olsen twins' personas. That said, Winning London is a low-key masterpiece in the Olsen canon. As Stefon would say, this movie has everything: an adorably handsome British love interest, a wild "visiting London" montage, lots of jokes about stuffy British culture, and, of course, the Olsen twins proving they are our true heroes. Winning London is a total treasure of a film, point blank.

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Like many of the Olsen twins' films, the plot of Winning London is pretty simple: Chloe and Riley Lawrence are sisters and are part of their high school's Model United Nations team. The team is invited to compete in an international competition, with one school representing its country in the competition. Of course, there's way more happening here in the compact 93-minute run-time than meets the eye.

For one thing, there's a lot of teen romance on the brain in Winning London. Chloe is the brainiac sister who is so focused on winning the competition yet so clueless about boys that when she meets handsome Brit competitor James (House's Jesse Spencer), she literally trips over herself. Classic. Then there's Riley, who joins the team to help them out and get closer to her childhood crush, Brian. Brian is a goofball with a heart of gold and Riley is determined to come off as a desirable woman rather than the girl who "barfed at the Dodgers game" years ago. As a preteen Millenial, I'll admit that watching these guys dramatically sort through their pubescent emotions was a total thrill; it also didn't hurt that Spencer was easy on the eyes.


When people aren't busy falling in love in Winning London, they're busy sight-seeing around London, brushing up on their Cockney slang with a London cabbie, strolling in the rain, crashing elite men's clubs by (horribly) dressing up in suits — during a rather weird sequence where Chloe tries to apologize to James — and showing off their prowess in international foreign policy.

Winning London is definitely an underrated gem and yes, you need to see it ASAP.