The One Book You NEED To Listen To On Audiobook

Some people love audiobooks, and will listen to them while walking the dog, waiting for the bus, and doing household chores; other people are pretty devoted to the printed word, and have never seen the appeal of listening. Whichever category you fit under, there's one audiobook you need to listen to — and that's You Don't Know Me by Imran Mahmood. It's like this book was written to be heard, not read.

You Don't Know Me is about an unnamed protagonist, who is currently on trial for murder. As the book starts, he fires his lawyer, and decides to deliver his own closing statement — including all the information his lawyer advised him to leave out. The book is presented as a transcript of his statement, in which he tells the whole story of the events leading up to the murder. The narrator talks to the reader as a member of the jury — and it's up to us to decide: did he do it?

That's why listening to the audiobook is even better. Reading the book is like reading a court transcript, but listening to the book feels like you're actually sitting in that court room. The audiobook is narrated by the actor Adam Deacon from Kidulthood, so his performance is obviously incredibly convincing. Listening to him tell his story, you'll feel like you do get to know him, his friends, and family — and when it comes to voting, you're bound to have a strong opinion: is he guilty?

You Don't Know Me by Imran Mahmood, $9.52, Amazon

You Don't Know Me is available to listen from Amazon — and may the record reflect that you heard it here first.