The One Product Daniel Martin Uses To Prep His Celebrity Clients' Skin Before Makeup

Daniel Martin/Instagram

If there's one thing that all of celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin's gorgeous clients have in common (besides being glamorous Hollywood icons) it's their glowing skin. Although they are at an advantage with their access to the world's best estheticians, that bright and seemingly flawless complexion doesn't just come naturally to all of these women. Their radiant red carpet looks have a lot to do with Martin's process. Skin care is the first thing the MUA works on when his clients sit in his chair and lately, it involves one game-changing product: Dior's Skin Effect Enzyme Solution.

According to Martin, the new "beauty water" (its texture is like a toner or essence) has been key in creating healthy, supple skin on his celebrity clientele (which includes the likes of Elisabeth Moss, Michelle Yeoh, and yes, Meghan Markle). When the Dior brand ambassador worked with Kat Graham at the Dior Haute Couture show in Paris last week, the new product was the very first thing he applied to her skin.

"I started by using the Dior Skin Effect Enzyme Solution as a toner before moisturizer. This breaks down any dry patching from environmental stresses on the skin," Martin tells Bustle over email. "The papaya enzyme extract within the formula really tones and gives a balanced canvas for makeup." Toning can help nourish and hydrate the skin, which helps to create a clean and even base for makeup.

After patting the solution into the skin and letting it absorb, Martin follows with the Capture Youth Plumping Serum to ensure the face is as hydrated and smooth as possible for the rest of the makeup application.

Another product Martin tells Bustle he's been using a ton of as of late is Dior's Lip Glow, a sheer balm that's meant to enhance your natural lip color while also protecting and nourishing your pout. "I always tend to run out of these because I end up giving them away to clients to take home with them — they’re the one product in my kit that I find hard to keep a hold on," Martin shares.

Martin also tells us that he has recently been "obsessed" with the Dior Lip Maximizers, a lip gloss that's made with hyaluronic acid, a hydrating ingredient found in many serums and moisturizers. For Kat Graham's beauty look at the Dior Haute Couture show, Martin wanted to create "a monochromatic look of pastel oranges and corals." He used the coral shade of the Lip Maximizer in two ways.

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"She [wore] the coral shade not only on her lips but her cheeks as well to maintain that subtle monochromatic look to complement her natural features and skin tone," Martin explains. Using a gloss as a cheek stain might seem unusual, but it created a gorgeous dewy highlight that looked totally effortless. According to his Instagram post, Martin used the same lip products to create Michelle Yeoh's stunning look at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

If you have ever wanted to recreate Graham or Yeoh or any of Martin's beautiful client's fabulous looks before, now you know it's as simple as starting with skin care and ending with some lip gloss. Sure, it probably helps to have Martin there to do it for you, but these tips should point you in the right direction.