The One Reason People Are Intimidated By You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Are horoscopes and zodiac signs the most scientific way to assess people and interpret the world around you? Probably not. Are they an arguably fun and harmless way to pass time? Well, you’re here, aren’t you? While most horoscopes tend to deal in generalizations, it’s admittedly enjoyable when you’re able to pick out something rings true to you, whether that be your most intimidating trait or which color looks best on you.

While being “intimidating” certainly has negative connotations, it can often be rooted in some of the most desirable traits. Self-assurance can intimidating. Intelligence can be intimidating. Being able to pull off thigh-high boots in public can be intimidating. Does that mean you should stop being or doing any of those things? Certainly not.

Like any other assessment of your personality, these “intimidating traits” are nothing to be scared or ashamed of. The parts of us that are the most apparent can both attract and ward off; such is the nature of defining personality traits. None of this is to say that you shouldn’t be any less proud of those parts of you. It just may be something to consider the next time someone seems stand-offish. At the very least, you can just use it as an excuse for why you may be too much of a fine thing to some.

Here is your most intimidating trait, according to your zodiac sign.

Virgo Works Too Hard

Virgos are known for their perfectionism. If a Virgo is asked to do something, it’s going to get done well and by the end of the day. However, their attention to detail and drive to do things “right” (AKA how Virgo wants it done) can make Virgos an intimidated co-worker or partner on a school project.

Libra Is Too Judgy

Libras are all about balance, hence the scale. While Libras are often the peacemakers of the group, they also seek truth and justice. If a Libra thinks someone’s been wronged, they’ll make sure to make it right.

Scorpio Is Too Intense

Scorpios are basically the physical embodiment of intimidation. (Scorpio's sign is literally something that can kill you.) Honesty and passion are two of Scorpio’s top priorities, and Scorpio will pursue with with an unmatched ferocity.

Sagittarius Is Too Adventurous

Sagittarius is a risk-taker. That thrill-seeking can come in more concrete ways, like base jumping or extreme rock climbing or not being afraid to make friends while on a flight to Aspen. It can also be seen in a Sagittarius’ enthusiastic curiosity of life. Less thrill-seeking signs may be intimidated by Sagittarius extroversion and desire to explore.

Capricorn Is Too Disciplined

Known for their determination, Capricorns set ambitious goals and achieve them. This can come across as being too no-nonsense for the taste of some other signs. No worries, Capricorn. You and Virgo can go bask in your workaholic nature. And by “bask” I mean “continue to do more work.”

Aquarius Is Too Confident

Not only is an Aquarius creative and earthy, they’re sure of themselves and the things they believe. While that confidence is attractive and will bring people in, Aquarius’ security of self can intimidate even the most self-assured of the other signs.

Pisces Is Too Nice

While being nice isn’t necessarily some that scares people off initially, it can cause them to become a little skeptical. Pisces good-hearted nature may come from a place of love, but to some it can come across as a little phony or even hold up a mirror to others’ kindness.

Aries Is Too Fearless

Aries is known for being a warrior and a conqueror. Aries’ competitiveness paired with their confidence can be intimidating to those who aren’t well-verse in Aries’ ways. Whether they’re working toward a promotion or meeting new people, Aries is going to charge forward without looking both ways.

Taurus Is Too Stubborn

Being bull-headed is a pretty well-known stereotype about a Taurus, partially on account of the fact that Taurus is represented by a bull. While that stubbornness can translate to dependability and loyalty, it can also lead to a level of persistence other signs aren’t used to. Pair that persistence with a penchant for being independent and you’ve got the reason why people might be a little overwhelmed by a Taurus.

Gemini Is Too Spontaneous

Gemini is known for being adaptable. While a Gemini can definitely go with the flow, they can also be directing the flow. Or making the flow. Or going to where they think the flow is. That spontaneity can intimidate those who seek stability or routine, something a Gemini might try to shy away from.

Cancer Is Too Closed-Off

Cancers are known for their sensitivity. That emotional nature can cause a Cancer to turn inward, making them seem unavailable to others. While incredibly sentimental and protective of the ones the love, Cancers can also be hard to get to know, which can mean making friends with a Cancer can be intimidating.

Leo Is Too Straightforward

If you want an honest opinion, ask a Leo. But make sure you really want an honest opinion. Leos are known for their frank nature and will not be one to beat around the bush when asked for their two-cents on something.