The One Tweet That Sums Up How We Feel About The New Harry Potter Books

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Two new books have just been added to your back-to-school reading list: Harry Potter - A Journey Through A History of Magic and Harry Potter - A History Of Magic. That's right, Muggles, after 20 years, we're finally matriculating. Having trouble finding the words? Accio the one tweet that sums up how Harry Potter fans feel about the new book.

To be clear, the books are not new additions to the Harry Potter series, nor have they been written by J.K. Rowling, creator of The Boy Who Lived. Both have been compiled by the British Library's curatorial team and will be released by Bloomsbury, the British Harry Potter publisher, on October 20, the same day a new exhibition celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter opens at the Library. Featuring manuscripts and objects from the Library's extensive archives, as well as Bloomsbury and Rowling's private collections, the exhibition, which runs through February 2018, will make tangible the magic and mysticism that weaves its way through the beloved wizarding world of Harry Potter.

For fans wanting to take home a bit of the magic (or who want to tap into their inner Hermione Granger), the library will be exclusively selling Harry Potter - A Journey Through the History of Magic, which does a deep-dive into the Hogwarts curriculum, covering everything from Herbology to Defense Against The Dark Arts, and Harry Potter - A History of Magic, the official book of the exhibition which highlights the history of magic that pervades even our Muggle world — think real-life witch brooms, incantations, spells and insightful essays from historian experts.

Excited? Yes, we know, that's an understatement. Twitter user @lilacleaves gets you:

Point me in the direction of Diagon Alley, because it's back-to-school shopping time and if I don't get placed in double Herbology, I'm going to lose my freaking MIND.