Charles Michael Davis Dishes On Directing 'The Originals'

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Charles Michael Davis has a lot in common with Marcel Gerard, the character he's played for four years on The CW's The Originals. Both Davis and Marcel are natural born leaders, and both are charming and confident. But, on major difference is that one of them uses their talents to rule over New Orleans, while the other recently put his skills to good use as a first time director. Davis spoke to Bustle about directing his first episode of The Originals, "High Water and a Devil's Daughter" (airing Friday, May 5 on The CW), and it sounds like it was a really unique experience.

Season 4 of The Originals has been no easy ride for Marcel, who went from ruling New Orleans to being infected by a magical entity and then getting abducted by his adoptive vampire father, Klaus. However, for Davis the new season brought a new opportunity to sit in the director's chair. Though some actors might find it hard to make the jump from performer to director, Davis says he didn't sweat it. "I really enjoy it," he tells Bustle of being in charge on set. "If I'm going to be in a group, I prefer to run the group. I just have so many ideas," he adds. So, when it came to directing his first episode, Davis admitted he had no hesitations taking control over the massive Originals set, including his fellow actors. Even if he did have nerves as a director, he didn't let them get to him, telling Bustle, "I trust myself."

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If Davis' confidence behind the camera reminds you of the confidence Marcel has when doing literally anything, you're not mistaken. Though he laughed at the suggestion of borrowing anything from his character's leadership style (which is flawed at best), the actor also revealed that his role as a director did, in fact, remind him of his character. "When it came time to step into this [directing] role, it was kind of like acting," Davis says. "You know, where my character — he's a leader, he gives big speeches, you know. I just kind of slip into that role and play it. With directing, for me, it really was just another role that I played."

That role, it turns out, involved a lot of coordination, artistry, and, most importantly, cheerleading. "I'm there to cheer people on," Davis says of his leadership style, adding, "I'm very passionate."

So, really, he's nothing like Marcel at all.