The Oscars Wrap-Up Music Is Replaced By Ushers

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For as long as there have been award shows, there's been the ongoing joke of winners being "played off" at the end of an acceptable speech, but for the 2017 Academy Awards, things are a little different. Instead of the grand orchestra cutting off everyone who still needs to thank their mother, the Oscars replaced their wrap-up music with ushers instead. Oh, it's as awkward as you think it is.

I know that the producers of the Academy Awards try to keep the show as short as possible, and every year there are jokes about, "Oh, get ready for a nine-hour show!" They cut acceptance speeches off to keep the show on time, but at least you can talk over an orchestra playing you off! You can get a few more words in edgewise! Now, you have a person physically escorting you off the stage while you try and remember if you thanked all four of your agents and your sixth-grade acting coach. One of the winners for Best Makeup was speaking on how his wife had passed and couldn't (obviously) be at the Oscars with him, and one of the ushers was trying to push him off the stage. I mean, that's way harsh, Tai.

Look, I get that it's all about scheduling, but the winners at the 2017 Academy Awards are having what could be the very best night of their professional lives, and perhaps the very best night of all time. Can we just let them have their moment to wave to their mothers? Would it kill you, Academy, to not grab them by the elbows and throw them off the stage? I never thought I'd miss the play-off music, but the 2017 Academy Awards made it so.