The Gender-Swapped 'Overboard' Remake Is Almost Here & It's Made Some BIG Changes

In the upcoming remake of Overboard, out May 4, Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez take over the roles originally played by Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Faris isn't playing Hawn's part, though, because in a pretty cool move, the film swaps the genders. In an exclusive clip from Overboard, you can get a sneak peak into what the update to the 1987 film looks like, and it will only make you want to see it more.

As said, the Overboard remake swaps the original film's genders, but the new version still follows the original's plot closely. It starts out on a yacht, but rather than Hawn playing the character lounging around and ordering the manual laborer to do her bidding, Derbez's Leonardo does that job. A wealthy yachter who hosts parties and treats his staff terribly, he ends up falling off his ship and suffering from amnesia after landing on the small coastal town nearby. Faris' Kate, a part-time pizza deliverer and carpet cleaner who services Leonardo's yacht, realizes that she can trick him into thinking he is her husband. The story then transitions into a fish-out-of-water scenario, in which Leonardo must learn to live with Kate's working class lifestyle.

The difference between the 1987 Overboard and the 2018 version doesn't just end in the disparities between the jobs the characters with amnesia must learn to perform. The distinction also lies in how Kate and her friend decide to to trick the hospitalized yachter. In the 1987 film, friend Dean (played by Russell) didn't hesitate to convince Hawn's character into believing that her name was Annie Profit and that she was his wife. As you can tell from this sneak preview of the remake, the new version shows Kate hesitating before claiming Leonardo from the hospital. Luckily, friend Theresa (Eva Longoria) is there to convince her that she should trick Leonardo into believing that he was her husband.

After all, when Kate had cleaned Leonardo's yachts' carpets earlier in the film, he criticized her appearance and threw her cleaning tools into the sea. This was Kate's chance to get her revenge, and for anyone who has ever wanted to see someone with far more privilege than themselves fail, seeing Kate go through with the deceitful plot will make you all too pleased.

It's still to be seen how the remake handles some of the original's more questionable aspects. In the 1987 Overboard, Dean confidently strode into the hospital where Annie was kept and convinced the confused woman that she was, in fact, his wife. After Annie asked the doctors, "Don't you think there'd be some spark of recognition?" Dean grabbed her and kissed her, saying, "Maybe you'll spark to this!" In the age of the #MeToo movement, featuring a scene of someone forcibly kissing another person who doesn't have their wits about them wouldn't exactly be the best idea.

So while the new Overboard swapping the genders of its main characters is a major, welcome change, it remains to be seen how the movie will deal with some of the original film's most infamous moments. But hey — even if the 1987 movie had its flaws, it's more than OK to still love it. Faris herself even recently praised the original, saying in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she'd seen it hundreds of times; "It was my sick-day movie and my favorite growing up," Faris explained.

With that kind of passionate feeling from fans, the new Overboard most certainly has a lot to live up to, but that just makes anticipating its May release all the more exciting.