The Song "Hey There Delilah" Is Becoming A TV Series About Being Young & SO In Love

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who else spent a great deal of time during their formative years listening to "Hey There Delilah" on repeat, yearning to know more about the star-crossed lovers that couldn't be? Well, Plain White T's 'Hey There Delilah' might be getting a TV series, according to a Tuesday report by The Hollywood Reporter. Which could mean those mid-2000s pop punk fans who've been aching to find out what the heck happened to Delilah for the better part of the last decade might finally be seeing some answers.

Per THR's report, the concept for the song's TV adaptation was conceived of — at least, in part — by none other than Tom Higgenson, who most musically-inclined folks probably know best as the Plain White T's lead singer and songwriter. (AKA: The voice behind "Hey There Delilah" and the brains responsible for at least the bulk of its lyrics.) Suffice to say, Higgenson didn't offer too much insight into the details of the series' premise during his conversation with THR. Makes sense, since it sounds like the adaptation is still in its early development stages. With that being said, the band's frontman did provide inquiring fans with a few vague tidbits to tide them over until something more concrete rolls around.

According to THR, the "Hey There Delilah"-inspired series is reportedly being billed as a "romantic dramedy." Certainly fits the script, as those familiar with the sweet, pining ballad and its lyrics could easily corroborate. A little more specifically — which, in this case, unfortunately means "still pretty cryptic" — Higgenson described the series' premise, in broad strokes, as "a contemporary fairy tale that expands the story within the song."

Again, still pretty cryptic. However, those of us who can still recite most of the lyrics to "Hey There Delilah" at will probably don't have to think too hard to make some educated guesses as to what the description might actually be getting at. The song, fans will remember, feels a lot like a four-minute love letter in audio format. "Hey there, Delilah / What's it like in New York City?" Higginson croons longingly, opening the track. And while the nitty gritty's of his relationship to "Delilah" remain a little murky throughout the song's remaining three-plus minutes, it seems pretty clear that the enduringly popular 2006 track chronicles some sort of long distance relationship. (Or perhaps, unrequited love from afar — 1,000 miles away, to be exact.)

So, does that mean a "Hey There Delilah" television series will finally bring audiences the authentic, complex depiction of an LDR we've been waiting for? At this point, the jury is still very much out on that one. (Although, here's to hoping.) During his conversation with THR, Higgenson seemed less concerned with plot specifics and comparably more concerned with the series' emotional impact, and how it will touch new audiences in a new medium. "It's been more than a decade since 'Hey There Delilah' was released, and people always ask me about it. A whole lot of people really connected with that song, and I'm very proud of that," Higgenson told the publication.

Continuing, he said:

"I'm so excited to have an opportunity to give a new generation the chance to form their own connection with the song, and fall in love with its story through this new project."

It's also probably worth mentioning here that "Hey There Delilah" (the song, not the upcoming maybe-adaptation) actually has a real-life backstory of its own. In the summer of 2002, Higgenson met pro runner Delilah DiCrescenzo at Chicago's House of Blues. At the time, DiCrescenzo was in a relationship and getting ready to move back to — you guessed it — New York City for her sophomore year at Columbia. Years after "Hey There Delilah" had seen its musical heyday, in 2013, DiCrescenzo finally shed some light on how the whole song-writing situation happened in the first place in a write-up for ESPN. Apparently, Higgenson caught up with her in New York during the fall of that same year and told her, point-blank, "I'm going to write a song about you."

And the rest, as they say, is history. Exactly why Higgenson felt the need to write such a deeply heart-wrenching song for a woman he hardly knew (who was also fully in a relationship with someone else) remains a bit of a mystery. So, perhaps Plain White T's fans can look forward to finally getting some closure on that, too, if "Hey There Delilah" does eventually find itself the subject of a full-fledged TV series. Either way, if the series does come to fruition, it seems safe to say fans who loved listening to the song — over, and over, and over again — will probably also love watching the series, regardless of its premise.