This Beach Tote Has A Secret Wine Compartment For Your Rosé

One of the joys of summer is grabbing your beach tote, rolling out your towel on the sand, and enjoying a bottle of wine with friends. Now there's a bag that's about to make organizing your boozy picnics a little bit easier. The PortoVino beach tote is a beach bag with a secret wine nozzle that's perfect for your day drinking needs.

The tote is as stylish as it is functional. It comes in a striped design with rope handles, giving it a nautical feel. You can choose between four color choices: navy and white, red and white, teal and white, or an American flag motif that's perfect for the Fourth of July.

While the bag is roomy enough to keep your towel, sunglasses, picnic items, and change of clothes in, it's also insulated so it acts like a portable cooler. This way your wine stays nice and cold, even if it's blazing hot outside. Inside the purse is a removable, bpa-free beverage pouch, which can either keep your drink hot or cold. (This would also be a great purse to put hot coffee into for a road trip.)

The pouch can discretely hold two — two! — bottles of wine, or 1.5 liters of a beverage of choice. The pouch is held in a secret, zippered, insulated pocket that keeps your drink chilled for hours. Since the pouch has its own stowed-away compartment, none of the other items in your purse will touch the drink bag, keeping accidental spills to a minimum.

The roomy beverage sack is what makes the PortoVino wine purse a step above other cooler purses. The tote allows you to bring a satisfying amount of wine, where two liters of your favorite Rosé is more than enough to pour out and share with friends. And in case you're planning a long beach afternoon, there are also refill packs that you can buy and keep stashed in the tote for later.

In order to pour your glass of wine, the bag nozzle is hidden by a decorative flap on the bottom of the tote. Simply flip it up to reveal the nozzle, pop it out from inside the bag, and begin pouring into your to-go cup.

The bags are also quite affordable, clocking in at just underneath $50. This tote is a fun addition to your summer wardrobe because it can be used across all kinds of scenarios. You can take it to the beach and drink some white wine under an umbrella as you read. It can also be a handy cooler to pack for a park concert or outdoor movie event. It's also a great tote to bring to a small house party, where you can treat your friends to a bottle of wine without having to carry a bulky bottle in your purse. The possibilities are endless.


The bag also has over 130 reviews on Amazon, and has earned a 4.7 star rating.

"I bought this as a gift for my best friend and it was really hard to give it away. She loves it and so do I. I will be getting my own soon," one reviewer wrote. "Love this bag. We do a lot of boating and this is an easy way for me to carry some wine with me. Easy to use. Keeps it cool. Recommended," another shared.

This beach tote is the ultimate accessory for all of your day drinking needs this summer.