The Postepic App Makes It Super Easy To Store & Share All Your Favorite Book Quotes

I’m constantly discovering amazing quotes in books that I want to share with the world. You know, those pieces of writing that move you in a way you didn’t think possible, or that paragraph that is just so beautiful and expressive that you read it again and again. Or that one-liner that makes you smile every single time you read it. But what do you do with these quotes? I usually highlight them in my book, then forget about them entirely. Or maybe I write them down on a sticky note, only lose it in the chaos of my desk.

I wanted to do something more. These quotes are special, after all. I wanted to give them the star treatment they deserved. I wanted to celebrate them, showcase them, and keep them organized. Luckily, I recently discovered an app that does this perfectly: Postepic.

With Postepic, you can save your quotes, share your quotes, and discover new quotes from other users. You can stylize the quote and add a background image to give it that extra special spark. Plus, you can share the image you create on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. And you can do it all on your phone, which makes it the perfect solution if you're reading on-the-go. It's an easy and fun way to engage with the quotes you discover as you read—and it only takes a few minutes.

So, how does it work? Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started using PostEpic to collect and share all of your favorite literary quotes.