The Prophecy On 'Chilling Adventures' Could Reveal A Secret Twin

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Spoilers ahead for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1. A lot happens in the first season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but the prophecy is one of the biggest mysteries left open by the time the finale wraps. Even though it's only mentioned a couple of times, it soon becomes clear that it's the driving force behind everything Ms. Wardwell (aka Madame Satan) is doing. And in the final episode, it seems like the prophecy is finally on its way to being fulfilled.

Its existence is first revealed in Episode 6, when Ms. Wardwell is speaking to her crow familiar. It's right after Sabrina performs an exorcism, and Wardwell is thrilled that she's taking steps to fulfilling the prophecy. Over the course of the next few episodes, Wardwell pushes Sabrina closer and closer to darkness. In addition to lending a hand with the exorcism, she also helps Sabrina travel to mortal limbo to retrieve Tommy's soul. When that doesn't work, she encourages Sabrina to tell Harvey the truth about her being a witch. Wardwell wants the information to drive Harvey away from Sabrina (it does), but she's disappointed to see Sabrina's friends stand by her even after they learn the truth.

It seems that Wardwell wants Sabrina to focus on her witch side and leave the mortal realm behind. In a last-ditch effort to get Sabrina to take that final plunge, she unleashes the souls of 13 dead witches to exact revenge on Greendale. Then, Wardwell convinces Sabrina that the only way to save everyone she loves is to finally sign the Book of the Beast. When she does, an unparalleled power is unlocked within her — even by witch's standards. But while signing the book may have been the Season 1 mission for Wardwell, it is probably not the full prophecy.


In the final minutes of the finale, Wardwell explains that she's training Sabrina to be a foot soldier for Satan so that she can become the Queen of Hell. Perhaps this is what Wardwell thinks the prophecy will fulfill: Get Sabrina to sign over her soul, serve the devil, and she can finally ascend to the Dark Lord's throne. But as Wardwell's crow astutely notes, what if the devil is grooming Sabrina to be queen instead?

A prophecy saying Sabrina will become Queen of Hell — and misread by the power-mad Madame Satan — makes perfect sense for this show. But that's only if the prophecy actually applies to Sabrina. It could also apply to the mystery baby that once appeared on an altar with, seemingly, Sabrina.

From that flashback — and from something her mother Diana said in the mortal limbo — it's implied that Sabrina could maybe, possibly have a twin. When Sabrina ran into Diana's soul, Diana said something about how they took her baby after the baptism and told her it had died. Surely she didn't mean Sabrina — Diana's family knew Sabrina was alive and even offered to take her in. Instead, Diana may have been talking about the other child — the twin who could also fulfill the prophecy. And the twin who very well could be Sabrina's evil double.

The sitcom version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch once revealed that every Spellman is born with an evil twin. That show and this one are connected in character names only, but perhaps the twin thing did make the jump over to the Netflix series. It would explain the two babies, one being taken away from Diana, and a prophecy that could apply to more than one person.

Either way, it's setting up a dramatic Season 2, and Madam Satan is surely not going to get what she wants. She might think bringing Sabrina to the Dark Lord will fulfill his wishes, but she may have the wrong Spellman in her clutches.

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