The Queen Mary Ship Is Now Renting Out Its Most Haunted Room & You Can Stay There If You Dare

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you like being scared, and you made it through Veronica, Netflix's scariest movie ever, the obvious next step is booking a night in the scariest room on this extremely haunted ship. Yes, the Queen Mary is renting out its most haunted room starting this coming Friday the 13th. Dubbed Stateroom B340, the cabin is known for its paranormal activity and hasn't hosted overnight guests since the 1980s. According to ABC News, the room has reportedly experienced myriad otherworldly activity since the Queen Mary's last voyage in 1967, perhaps because the spirits are upset they're no longer sailing the high seas. The boat has been docked in Long Beach Harbor for 51 years, and regularly offers tours, event space, and themed parties.

Those who have been brave enough to stay in the room, which is reportedly the ship's smallest stateroom, have told tales of having the covers pulled off the bed in the middle of the night, seeing a shadowy figure standing over them, and lights and faucets turning on and off by themselves. "Among the ghosts reportedly still hanging around are a sailor who died in the ship's engine room, a 'lady in white,' and children who drowned in the ship's pool," the website noted.

According to the website Legends of America, the Queen Mary was bigger and faster than the Titanic, and was once a playground for Hollywood's elite, including Greta Garbo and Clark Gable. Since the rich and famous vacated the ship, the website noted that it now hosts as many as 150 uninvited spirits, and has been the site of almost 50 deaths. "In the first class swimming pool, which has been closed for more than three decades, women have often been seen appearing in 1930s style swimming suits wandering the decks near the pool. Others have reported the sounds of splashing and spied wet footprints leading from the deck to the changing rooms. Some have also spied the spirit of a young girl, clutching her teddy bear."

So, if you can't afford to shell out $499 to stay in Stateroom B340, chances are you'll still encounter plenty of ghosts aboard the Queen Mary. "Reports have been made of a tall dark-haired man appearing in a 1930s style suit, as well as water running and lights turning on in the middle of the night, and phones ringing in the early morning hours with no one on the other end of the line," Legends of America noted. "In the third class children’s playroom, a baby’s cry has often been heard, which is thought to be the infant boy who died shortly after his birth."

If you're not scared, then by all means a mini-vacay on the Queen Mary is for you. And, you're not alone. "The last time the room was occupied by a guest was in the 1980s," Stephen Sowards, general manager of the Queen Mary, said in a statement reported by ABC News. "For decades we've had thousands of visitors request to occupy the room, and after 30 years, we are excited to once again extend the offer to our guests."

If you're wondering why Stateroom B340 stopped being rented in out the first place, one user on Flickr posted a detailed account of what he learned on a 2008 tour of the ship (along with some super creepy photos) . "Guests immediately began to complain about incidents. Eventually no guest would stay the night. They'd lay their head down, and the next moment would be shaken awake and would rush from the room in terror." The website Haunted Honeymoon also cited the high amount of paranormal activity, including beds flying across the room, as the reason this cabin was originally closed to guests. But, closing the stateroom didn't do much to curb reported hauntings.

"One waitress at the Chelsea restaurant states that she had been working the host podium and saw three guests walk towards her through the long hallway that leads from the deck to the restaurant," the website recounted a tale from a Queen Mary employee. "She looked down at the reservation book for a party of three, but when she looked back up there were only [two] people. She asked the guests whether or not they prefer[ed] to wait for their third member before being seated, but they said that there were only two of them." Creepy AF.

If you do decide to book Stateroom B340, you have to be all in because, according to ABC News, the room comes outfitted with a Ouija board, tarot cards, a crystal ball, and ghost hunting equipment so you can totally pretend you're in an episode of American Horror Story. Let's just hope you fare better than the ghost hunters on AHS. Sleep at your own risk, my friendlies!