The Radiohead “Gasolina” Meme Was So Good Even Daddy Yankee Thought It Was Real

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Do you remember the first time you watched the Radiohead "Gasolina" video? Because I remember it like it was only a handful of days ago: Seconds after I pressed play, I was ready to believe Jonny Greenwood hit the "Gasolina" button on his keyboard, prompting Thom Yorke to dance to the Daddy Yankee jam like no one and everyone was watching. Sure, once I saw the drumming, the cat barreled right on out of the bag, but there was a quick, precious moment where I thought it was real. The video is not real, but it sure is a thing of beauty. And what do you know, the King of Reggaeton agrees with me. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the musician behind the song in question addressed that bittersweet vid: Daddy Yankee not only loves the Radiohead meme, but was fooled by the clip.

"When I saw the video, I was like, 'Is that real?!'" the "Rompe" singer laughed to Rolling Stone. You and me both, Daddy Yankee. You and me both.

Back in April, some visionary took footage of Yorke cutting a rug to “Myxomatosis” at a Radiohead concert, set the clip to Daddy Yankee's 2004 hit, and shared the edited video with the internet. And with that, a viral meme was born.

"It was a great video,” Daddy Yankee told the publication, “even though I thought it was real. I have a ton of respect for Radiohead. They're a great, amazing band."

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It is as the ancient saying goes: If something seems genuinely too good to be true, it is probably the handiwork of some clever internet person.