The New ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Trailer Is All About Calling Karen Out


The ladies of Potomac are back and ready for even more drama the third time around. The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 3 trailer dropped Wednesday and it's filled with a lot of love, a lot of hate, and a lot of talk about Karen Huger. In addition to the return of the "Grande Dame of Potomac", Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, and Monique Samuels are all back for the new season when it returns April 1.

As for Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, she is coming back, but only as a Friend of the Housewives. There is also a new Housewife stepping into the spotlight Her name is Candice Dillard, and, according to People, she worked in the White House for President Obama and now owns a consulting agency for beauty queens.

But, back to Karen, who her co-stars can't help but gossip about every chance they get. First, there is discussion about Karen and Ray Huger's reported tax problems. One Housewife is heard saying, "This $5 million tax situation." This seems to be referring to a July 2017 report from The Washington Post that states Ray and his company owe millions back in taxes, according to court records. According to the Post, Ray briefly commented on the issue by saying: "It’s a private matter; it’s being addressed."

It appears Gizelle believes Karen's reported tax issues are why she quickly moved out of Potomac. Gizelle says, "Now we're clear. This is why she moved to Great Falls." In her private interview, she also says, "We know you’re hiding everything, Karen." However, Karen disagrees and express quite heatedly to Robyn, "Read my f*cking lips: Karen is debt-free and loaded." She sure seems to try to prove that too when she drives over to Monique's in a brand new fancy car.

There is further conversation about her new home in Great Falls, the one she moved to at the end of Season 2 and which was a huge part of her storyline. Ashley tells Gizelle, "There has been some talk that Karen doesn't actually live in that house." Of course, the logical next step for the women is to, as Gizelle puts it: "We gotta do a drive by." It sure doesn't seem like the ladies are going to let Karen off the hook until she gives them a definitive answer.

If that's not enough Karen gossip, Monique brings up "Blue Eyes". Yes, the same man who was brought up during the Season 2 reunion and who Charrisse said Karen was dating. However, at the reunion, Karen denied the rumors.

Back to the trailer, Monique says to Karen, "The bartender was like, 'Karen, she always comes in here with this blue-eyed gentleman. He's so handsome.'" There isn't much reaction from Karen, but the scene quickly transfers to a dinner party, where Ashley asks Karen, "Do you and Ray have an arrangement?" She seems to be inquiring whether or not they have an open marriage.

All of this comes to a head, when Charrisse says to Karen — and in front of everyone — "You mentioned that Ray asked you for a divorce." To that, Karen replies, "Yes." As you can imagine, everyone is shocked by her confirmation. Based on her Instagram, it appears Karen and Ray, or as she calls him, "The black Bill Gates", are still together.

This sure doesn't sound like a great season for Karen. You can watch the RHOP Season 3 trailer in its entirety here. Be sure to check it out to see where the other also women currently stand. Not only is there a kiss shared by Robyn and Juan Dixon, but there are unfortunately more marriage troubles for Ashley and Michael Darby. Oh, and Monique threatens to choke a fellow Housewife (maybe Robyn?) with an umbrella — for real.