The New 'Real World' Cast Is Basically A Powder Keg Waiting To Go Off

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It's time to stop being polite and start getting real — Season 33 of MTV's The Real World is premiering this summer and things are going to be a little different. It's airing on Facebook Watch instead of MTV, but otherwise it should be just as dramatic as ever. That's in large part due to the cast of The Real World Season 33, which takes place in Atlanta.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the series will drop scenes and bits of content throughout the week through videos and Facebook Stories, really integrating it with the new format. It also means that fans will be able to keep tabs on the cast without having to wait week to week.Variety reported when the show's announcement was made that the show was meant to encourage viewer interaction. Does that mean there will be live messages from viewers coming up onscreen as the action unfolds, like the trailer shows? Who knows, but that might get interesting, especially with the diverse group of housemates.

The cast ranges from the politically liberal to ultra conservative, the Trump supporter to the pansexual feminist. It sounds built to be a powder keg — and it probably was. So without further ado, here's the cast you can prepare for, per Entertainment Tonight.


Arely is a 21-year-old DREAM-er who aspires to be a nurse, and has a 4-year-old son.


Clint is a semi-famous Instagrammer who's from a small town and expects to one day take over his "conservative family's farm business."


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Per ET, Dondre is working on coming out as pansexual while further exploring his "identity as a black Trump supporter."


Justin is getting a master's degree in African American Studies in the hopes that he can work to better his community. He also has a long-term girlfriend, which would make any potential romances in the house a definite scandal.


The only information ET gives us about Meagan is that she's a Louisiana native who's a Catholic virgin, and believes that waiting for sex "is for the best." Surely she has more of a personality than that one tidbit attributed to her, and we'll hopefully see more of it onscreen.


ET reports that Tovah makes a difference by working as a caseworker for Child Protective Services, and one day hopes to open her own foster home.


Yasmin identifies as a pansexual feminist who grew up both Christian and Muslim, and has transformed from a conservative person to a body-positive model. She also teaches art in a youth detention center, ET continues.

And that's all, folks! The Real World Atlanta has managed to reveal only as much about its contestants as it needs to to let everyone know that we'll be watching political debates all season long. That's fine, and necessary! But hopefully there's more at play here. The show has obviously hand-picked this group to be at odds with one another, as most reality series do, but it would also be nice to see some friendships bloom and favorites stand out. No matter what happens, it's definitely going to make for good TV.

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