Rachel Has So Many Reasons For Dumping Peter On 'The Bachelorette'


After a mascara-teared goodbye during Monday night's Bachelorette finale, Rachel confronted Peter weeks after sending him home. But despite what viewers watched play out onscreen, she insisted her reasons for eliminating him were about more than his hesitation to propose. Following their trip to Geneva, Rachel said Peter began to remind her of a relationship that she referenced frequently throughout the season, during which she dated someone for five years while facing what sounds like similar problems.

Much of the finale centered around Rachel and Peter. Rachel made it abundantly clear that she wanted to walk away from The Bachelorette engaged, but Peter was equally adamant that he wasn't ready to make that commitment after only a few weeks of dating. This led to a number of emotional stalemates throughout the episode, with neither side willing to bend on what they wanted. Ultimately, Rachel chose to send Peter home during an extended breakup that gutted (and enraged) the entirety of the internet.

When the two faced each other yet again during the commentary interspersed throughout the finale, things were still quite tense. They were able to see each other's perspectives, but still struggled to see why the other couldn't compromise. Rachel then revealed that, contrary to what it seemed like during their goodbye, she had other doubts about Peter beyond the looming proposal.

Nevertheless, they both wished each other the best. Rachel seems happy with Bryan, and though Peter was still hurting, he was grateful for the experience. "You allowed me to stay as long as I did ... and you proved to me that throughout all of it, I could develop feelings of love," he said. "I wish you nothing but the best and I really want happiness for you."