The Relavel Makeup Organizer Is Amazon's Highest Rated Beauty Bag — And It's Only $20

One of the hard parts about packing for a trip is figuring out which makeup you have to leave behind. Not all of your brushes and palettes will fit into your beauty case, and even if they did they could break. Until now. The Relavel customizable beauty case is one of Amazon’s most reviewed beauty bags, and it's less than $20. Relavel is a brand that specializes in quality makeup bags and travel cubes. The brand has everything from beauty bags to toiletry cases to laptop bags, but its standout piece is the nylon makeup travel case.

The makeup organizer has a lightweight design that is waterproof and shockproof, keeping your palettes safe from rainy travel days and rough luggage handling. The interiors are also spill-proof, where they are designed specifically to keep your bottles and liquids standing upright.

The standout feature of this organizer is that not only does it have several compartments for makeup brushes and lipstick picks, but it also has adjustable compartments.

Thanks to the bag's interlocking foam dividers, you can change the layout of the interior with every trip. All you have to do is pull out the clapboard gently from its card slot, and insert the clapboard in the slot needed to create your specific makeup sections.

That means you can change the compartments to accommodate your changing needs. If on one trip you want to take bulky palettes, and on the next you want to leave those behind and take more lipsticks, you can easily change the walls to keep all of those items tidy.

The flap of the case also has a separate compartment for individual makeup brushes, letting you stow all of your makeup tools neatly and separately. There is a cover that folds over the brushes when not in use, keeping them safe from getting dirty or crushed.

The case also comes in varying sizes, so you can get a small one for short trips and invest in a bigger case for the longer-haul adventures. The high-rated case on Amazon is the 10 inch nylon bag, which offers ample room for a variety of beauty items.

Not only is the case super convenient and organized, but you can get it at a steal. It clocks in at just under $20 on Amazon, and it has over 750 glowing five-star reviews.

"It was a steal! I've owned a ton of make up bags over the years, but i will keep using this one. The bag is sturdy, protects all your products. The organizers are really helpful!" one reviewer wrote. "There is a section just for your brushes and a flap that separates them from your products keeping them clean. This case has stayed clean unlike all my other previous makeup bags where products would spill. I would definitely recommend the purchase!"

This makeup case is a great pick for stowing away your favorite beauty supplies while traveling, all without breaking the bank. You will never have to worry about leaking foundations or broken compacts again. Just zip up your most loved beauty staples, and go!