The Reporter Who Made That Little Kid Cry On His First Day Of School Just Caught Up With Him Again

You've undoubtedly seen it many times before — making the rounds on Facebook for the umpteenth time, turned into hilarious memes, worked into comical advertisements; and now, they're back: remember the reporter who made the little boy cry? She got a lot of heat for that; two years after the news segment that made them both internet sensations, she decided to check up on him and see how he's doing.

It all started a couple years ago. Little Andrew Macias was four years old and starting his first day of preschool in East LA. KTLA reporter Courtney Friel interviewed him, asking if he would miss his mom. Macias seemingly laughed it off, telling her no; but his laughter gave way to tears, and all of our hearts collectively broke.

The video quickly went viral, receiving 70 millions hits on KTLA's Facebook page alone. Everyone knew about the sweet little boy who missed his mommy, and the TV reporter who made him cry about it. He was invited on Tosh.O, the news segment was turned into an eBay commercial, and every meme imaginable made its rounds on the internet.

In case your memory is a bit fuzzy, here's how it all went down.

The little fella was determined to put on a brave face, and he almost had us fooled; but the thought of being away from his mom proved to be too much for him, understandably.

While everyone cried silent tears for Macias, they simultaneously hated on Friel — and really, for no good reason; so she recently interviewed Macias again to ask him about being in the spotlight, and also to help clear her name. She's a mother herself to a child of the same age; and she would never do anything to make a sweet little kid cry. In the new segment, she also spoke with Macias' mom, which further helped explain that what happened was very innocent and totally unintentional.

Macias, now in first grade, seems to have handled the whole situation like a total pro; and hopefully, we'll all stop referring to Friel as that reporter who makes small children cry.