What To Read Next, Based On The 2000s Rom-Com You Love The Most

by Kerri Jarema
Buena Vista Pictures/YouTube

We talk a lot about how ubiquitous rom-com films were in the '90s but it seems that many of us have forgotten just how great these films still were in the early to mid-2000's. I mean, sure, gone were the days of Pretty Woman and You've Got Mail but what about 13 Going on 30 and Love, Actually and Bridget Jones's Diary?! In many ways, the best was still yet to come for the rom-com genre at the turn of the century. But after you've finished reliving the angst of Julia Roberts leaving Richard Gere at the altar, you're going to want to devour a few more rom-coms, right? Say no more fellow romance devotee, I've got some great rom-com novels to tide you over until Netflix delivers more movies like To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

Below are seven comps between some of the best 2000's rom-com films and the books you should most definitely read to keep the feels going. Whether they've got the same plots, characters that would totally be best friends because they're just so similar, or will just offer you the same sort of romantic vibes, these are the novels you need to add to your end of summer TBR immediately.

If You Love 'Bridget Jones's Diary Read 'Sofia Khan Is Not Obliged' by Ayisha Malik

Sofia Khan is basically the modern, Muslim version of Bridget Jones, so you are sure to love reading about all of her romantic misadventures. The book follows unlucky-in-love Sofia as she uses her own relationships as fodder for a a tell-all expose centered on the Muslim dating scene.

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If You Love '13 Going On 30' You Need To Read 'Love, Rosie' by Cecelia Ahern

You want more childhood best friends falling in love as adults amid career and personal turmoil, 13 Going on 30, fan? Well you've got it! Love, Rosie is all about Rosie and Alex, best friends since childhood who seem destined to be together forever. When Rosie gets pregnant, their paths diverge, but years later, the two are suddenly given another chance at love.

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If You Love 'Seredipity' Read 'What If It's Us' by Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera

If you're all about rom-coms that use fate and destiny as a major backdrop, you're going to love the Serendipity-esque plot of the upcoming YA novel, What If It's Us. It follows Arthur and Ben after their meet-cute at the local post office. Arthur believes in fate; Ben doesn't. But it's possible that the universe already has plans for them either way.

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If You Love 'Two Weeks Notice' Read 'Can You Keep A Secret?' by Sophie Kinsella

If work-place romance, particularly between the boss and his employee are right up your street, you're going to get major Two Weeks Notice feels from Can You Keep A Secret? Kinsella's novel follows Emma Corrigan after a disastrous plane ride in which she tells her handsome seat-mate literally every secret about herself...only to find out that he is actually the elusive CEO of the company where she works.

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If You Love '27 Dresses' Read 'Always Never Yours' by Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka

27 Dresses is all about finding love after a string of failed romances... and watching all of your best friends coupling up. That's what happens to Megan Harper in Always Never Yours, too. Every time she dates someone, the guy ends up falling in love with someone else. Content to be single and focus on her pursuing her passion for film, she nevertheless meets Owen Okita, and finds her luck in love might be changing.

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If You Love 'What A Girls Wants' Read 'Royals' by Rachel Hawkins

Though What A Girl Wants is set in London instead of Scotland and deals with politics instead of royalty, there is actually a lot of overlap with Rachel Hawkins's Royals. In the book, Daisy Winters is similarly thrust into an unfamiliar European lifestyle — this time one of Scottish royalty — when her sister becomes engaged to the prince. The dashing young Miles has been recruited to teach her everything there is to know about her new life, though the prince's roguish young brother doesn't make it easy for her.

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If You Love 'Sweet Home Alabama' Read 'By The Book' by Julia Sonneborn

If small town charm, ex's showing up out of nowhere, and tons of romantic turmoil are your thing well, listen up Sweet Home Alabama fan, because Julia Sonneborn's By the Book is for you. It follows Anne Corey, an English professor hoping to get tenure when her ex-fiancé suddenly becomes the president of her college... and her new boss. Add to that her academic struggles, family drama, and a budding relationship with a fellow professor, and you've got the complicated second-chance romance of your rom-com dreams.

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