'Samurai Jack' Is Coming Back Soon

by Mary Grace Garis
Cartoon Network

There were tons of Cartoon Network classics that defined our childhood, but few were as grabbing and ahead-of-its-time as Samurai Jack. Now, it looks like Jack's time has finally come: after a successful run on Adult Swim, Samurai Jack is returning to finally vanquish his infamous foe Aku. And the season five Samurai Jack trailer certainly shows is all the proof needed that this revamp is going to be totally awesome.

In case you missed the series the first time around, it follows the titular samurai after he nearly slays a demon by the name of Aku. Aku, so fearful of the samurai, manages to send him into the future before the final blow... and by the way, it's a horrifying dystopian universe in which the Aku is supreme overlord. Jack spends the series trying to go back in time and/or defeat Aku (whichever comes first) and the eccentric stories told are action packed, stylishly drawn, and even occasionally funny. I'll be honest, it doesn't look like this new season is going to be a bit more serious, especially after Aku shut down all the time portals necessary for Jack to go home, but it does look absolutely badass. You can watch the teaser below, and then scroll down for all the arguments to tune into Adult Swim March 11 at 11 pm for this special limited series.

The Stunning Art

YouTube/Cartoon Network

Forever on point, using strong, crisp contrasting lines and dynamic colors.

The Ever-Present Threat Of A Legitimately Fearsome Villian

YouTube/Cartoon Network

Aku wasn't even always seen in the flesh on an episode-by-episode, the mere thought of his presence and the ripple effect of his evil was usually enough.

A Mature, Grizzled Look

YouTube/Cartoon Network

Apparently it's been 50 years but Jack isn't really aging. That beard seems refreshingly new, though.

Some Serious Darkness

YouTube/Cartoon Network

Samurai Jack was never a show that feared getting violent or getting bleak, how else do you showcase a proper power struggle between a katana-wielding hero and a horrific shape-shifting Master of Darkness? There are casualties. Always.

These Badass Female Assasins

They're no doubt going to give our hero a hard time.

Those Abs

YouTube/Cartoon Network

I'm about it.

Epic Duels Between Robots And Aliens

YouTube/Cartoon Network

And you know who's going to come out of this triumphant.

Rage So Thick It Has To Be Spelled Out

YouTube/Cartoon Network

Hey, if you've been trying to get back to the past for so many decades you'd be angry too.