Here's What's Happened To Every 'Say I Do' Couple After Their Dream Wedding

Say I Do Netflix via Netflix Press Site

90 Day Fiance has officially been upstaged by Netflix's Say I Do, where couples get engaged and married in the same week. The show, which comes from the creators of Queer Eye, gives deserving couples who haven't gotten the chance to make it down the aisle the opportunity to have the wedding of their dreams. They're carried through a surprise engagement, wedding planning, and the big day by three industry experts — interior designer Jeremiah Brent, fashion designer Thai Nguyen, and chef Gabriele Bertaccini — the Fab Three, if you will.

If you thought Queer Eye depleted your tissue supply, you'll want to buy extra for this series' premiere. The journeys of the show's eight couples will inspire you to strive for more in all of your relationships, whether they're romantic or not. Below, a look at their Instagrams and what they're up to now.

Tiffany & Marcus' Instagrams Document Life With Their Daughter

Their first wedding ended with a literal building fire. Needless to say, they've always wanted a redo, and that's what they got on Say I Do. On June 24, Tiffany posted two Instagram photos, comparing how their lives have changed from 2010 to now. "Looking through pictures made me a bit emotional," she wrote. "This has been the craziest (almost) 11 years. I’m grateful to have you riding with me on this rollercoaster called life!"

Marcus' Instagram is full of pictures of their 3-year-old daughter, Noelle, who's a total Daddy's girl:

Alex & Mike's Instagrams Share Snapshots Of Their Baby Son

Alex and Mike were together for eight years before getting married. They planned to wed earlier, but that path was changed when they unexpectedly gained custody of Mike's young nephews. The Say I Do crew threw them the carnival wedding of their dreams while Alex was eight months pregnant, and now they've welcomed a baby son.

"Still can’t believe I’m married to this shining star @alexandreab You are my queen! 👑," Mike recently wrote on Instagram. "I can’t wait for you to see the entire amazing journey and all the effort of the awesome people we met along the way! This will be one for the ages."

Nikko & Amber's Instagrams Celebrate A Second Miracle Baby

After cherishing their dream wedding and rainbow baby Yahnis last year, Amber and Nikko just welcomed a new addition to their family: baby Lyric. She was born four weeks premature but is happy and healthy, per Amber's Instagram.

"You all gave us an experience we will never, ever forget," Amber wrote in an Instagram post to Jeremiah, Thai, and Gabriele. "Never in a million years could we have created what you 3 created for us! We genuinely love each of you so much."

Melvin & Mattie Prefer Facebook

These childhood neighbors were born nine years apart and spent even more living separate lives as adults. When Melvin returned to their hometown of Cincinnati, they reconnected and fell in love. Now, they're celebrating the light that Say I Do will bring in the wake of a pandemic and the country's ongoing civil unrest.

"This was one of the most EPIC moments of our lives," Mattie wrote on Facebook. "With all the sad new[s] concerning COVID-19 and civil unrest. These are stories of love and hope."

Joe & Kerry's Instagrams Are All About Updating Their Home

Joe fell in love with Kerry on the kindergarten playground, but a family move separated them for 20 years, until fate brought them back together. After Say I Do surprised them with their dream fairytale wedding, they're continuing that dream by preparing for a daughter on the way and refining their at-home Disneyland. Really — their living room looks like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean:

Jason & Jonathan May Not be The Social Media Type

Their Instagrams are hard to come by, but Jonathan and Jason's Say I Do episode alone tells enough of a story. When Jason was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma, Jonathan became his primary caregiver, the illness postponing their wedding. Four years after getting engaged, they finally got what they'd always wanted: a Christmas wonderland ceremony and reception.

Essie & Bruce's Instagram Is Full Of Beautiful Farm Photos

Essie and Bruce are still living the farm life after enjoying a rustic country wedding created just for them. And it looks like their daughter Vera and impressive rows of crops are growing at the same rate. The couple share an Instagram account, and on June 14, Bruce wrote about the anniversary of his life-altering leg injury that he discussed on Say I Do.

"Feeling blessed to have my life and leg today, three years Since my farm accident... we can really learn lessons and grow through hardship and pain," he wrote. "God spared my life but didn’t spare the rod lol.. crazy that the hay rake didn’t take my life!"

Skyler & Randy's Instagrams Show They Love to Have Fun

Skyler and Randy's Say I Do episode showcased Randy's insecurities with being out and proud, despite having been with Skyler for over seven years. And the surprise wedding empowered him to be his true self 100% of the time. His latest Instagram post is a selfie with Skyler in which they're wearing Pride shirts on the beach, and Skyler has shared similar posts.

They also just created a joint account where they plan to share their relationship milestones and memories. "Hey everyone! Keeping our personal pages (obviously) - but we created a 'Couples Page' to post all of our memories, future adventures, etc... and have a place to keep track of all of that for our kids one day!" Skyler wrote on his profile. "If you want to follow, please do!"