These Are The Scariest Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now

by Lia Beck
Warner Bros. Pictures

Netflix is known for featuring a ton of movies from a wide — and very specific — range of categories. And if you're a horror film fan, the streaming service has you covered, too, from "Dark Comedies" to "International Thrillers" to "Suspenseful Movies". But if you're looking for a selection of some of the scariest horror movies on Netflix and don't feel like scrolling through and reading descriptions until you're too tired to watch a movie at all, maybe you should check out the ones below.

Earlier this year, Netflix put out a list of 10 horror movies that were so scary viewers couldn't keep watching them. As Forbes reported, "the criteria was that Netflix users made it at least 70 percent of the way through the movie, but turned it off en masse before finishing it." Of course, and as Forbes points out, this could mean that a movie was just bad, but Netflix said that if a viewer thought it was truly awful, they would have turned it off before getting 70 percent of the way through. Viewers stopping a movie could also mean that a film got to be too disturbing — but disturbing is what makes a horror movie scary sometimes, depending on who you are.

Of the movies on the list, two are featured below: Raw (definitely disturbing) and The Conjuring (definitely scary). Read on to see what other terrifying offerings Netflix has at the moment.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is based on real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, which already makes it so much more creepy than a fully fictionalized story. And, as you can see from the trailer it also has horror movie mainstays: children, a haunted house, and plenty jump scares.

Red Dragon

In the prequel to Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter is consulted about another serial killer, called The Tooth Fairy.

It Follows

It Follows explores the idea of terror being passed to another person on via sex. After the main character hooks up with a guy she's seeing, a terrifying entity that only she can see starts following her. Oh, also, the presence can show up looking like anyone at any time.


A man with a terminal illness hires a videographer to capture the end of his life. While this one is quirkier than some horror movies, it still offers a good old lesson in, "Hey, don't go in random people's houses."


A long-time vegetarian eats raw meat as part of a hazing ritual at college... and then can't stop craving raw meat, including, you guessed it, meat from humans. If you're a horror fan who enjoys monsters and jump scares over disturbing flesh eating, don't even watch the trailer.

The Descent

In this 2005 classic, a group of women adventurers go cave exploring, but end up encountering demons that they have to fight off. The whole thing is made worse by the fact that they're stuck inside a cave and don't know how to leave.

Before I Wake

All you really need to know is: Jacob Tremblay's dreams come true. The good ones and the very, very bad ones.


In this very violent movie (even the trailer, you've been warned), a therapist who has experienced trauma of her own continues to be haunted by terrifying memories.

The Sixth Sense

Yes, you know the twist by now, but that doesn't mean it's not still scary. (And if you somehow don't know the twist, go watch it now!)

There you have it. Be sure you watch at your own risk. And with a pillow to hold on to. And with plenty of water and snacks so you don't have to get up and let your feet touch the floor.