Every Easter Egg In 'Scream: Resurrection'

Spoilers ahead for Scream: Resurrection. The Scream movies and TV series has a dedicated fan base. So when VH1 announced that it was making Scream: Resurrection, it was only a matter of time before people started asking some serious questions about the cast, plot, and of course, how it connects to the original films. Even so, the Easter Eggs in VH1's Scream: Resurrection are few and far between, but the references to the original films that are present show the ways in which this version of Scream differs from the original. Although it does take place in the same universe, which make it all the more fun to try and spot some sneaky connections.

Scream: Resurrection isn't the first time that the franchise went light on Easter Eggs in the television reboot. The two seasons-long MTV series Scream didn't spend too much time retreading ground covered in the original films, instead opting to mark its own path while staying true to the spirit of the original.

Resurrection is a little more explicit about its connection to the original series, but features an entirely new cast of characters and an entirely new killer hiding behind a very familiar mask. The Easter Eggs of Scream: Resurrection are limited, but that makes them that much more fun to spot. Here's an episode by episode breakdown.

Episode 1

  • In the very first frame of the season, clouds forming the shape of Ghostface's mask can be seen against the moon.
  • The opening scene of the season matches the opening scene from the original film in which the project's most recognizable star (Drew Barrymore in the film, Paris Jackson in the show) gets a phone call from someone asking if they like scary movies. While things end in blood and death for Barrymore, Jackson makes it out alive as she was the victim of a fairly harmless Halloween prank.
  • If you're looking to see a famous actor die, however, fret not — Nash Grier's brief cameo ends in bloodshed, a clear nod to Barrymore's shocking death in the original film.

Episode 2

  • The season's second episode doesn't have much in the way of Easter Eggs, but does borrow a chilling detail from the movies. In Scream: Resurrection, just like in the Scream films, the Ghostface mask is a mass-produced Halloween costume. This episode features a rave filled with people in Ghostface masks, suggesting that if people were worried about a killer, no one would think twice about seeing this mask.

More to come...

Episode 3

  • The actor playing the Hook Man, Tony Todd, is a piece of horror history. He played the titular role in the 1992 horror film Candyman, one of the last great slasher films before Scream turned the whole genre on its head in 1999. Having Todd play a different type of killer is a clear callback to his most famous role.

Episode 4

  • Amir's death is a direct reference to one of the crucial "rules" that Randy Meeks set out in the original Scream film — that if you have sex, you will die. While the original Scream broke that rule by letting Sidney Prescott survive, Resurrection did its best to put that rule back together.

Episodes 5 & 6

  • After both members of the Ghostface duo have been killed, Kym comes to the high school and explains that in every horror movie, the killer always comes back for another scare. Beth does so, just like Billy Loomis does in the original Scream after Randy Hooks mentions the same pattern.

Scream: Resurrection forged its own path for most of its runtime, but some aspects of the Scream franchise are simply too ingrained to let go off. From the Ghostface mask itself to the "do you like scary movies" phone call that opens the film and television series, Resurrection is proud of its connection to the original films.