Cardi B Is Launching A Line With Fashion Nova & It Has A LOT Of Latex

Cardi B is a fan favorite among the pages of Vogue and on the Met Gala red carpet, but she also likes to dabble in more affordable fashion. The second collection between Cardi B x Fashion Nova is proof of that. (Offered in sizes XS to 3X.) The Grammy-winning rapper is helping her fans cop styles that she pre-approved, but her followers will have to act fast if they want to nab any pieces. In the first collection released in Nov. 2018, all 82 pieces of the debut line sold out in minutes.

The second collection has upped the ante, offering 107 pieces that are "inspired by '80s and '90s influences, balanced with themes of empowerment and rebellion," according to the press release.

The collection has an overarching sexiness that will "create a new urban subculture all its own," the release shared.

In an interview with Elle, Cardi B shared that the overarching theme of her scond collab was sexiness. "Something I learned from doing the last collection is that everyone has different tastes. But this time around, the clothes are going to be a little more sexy," Cardi B said. "You’re going to see a lot of skin. A lot of cleavage. But yet it’s so pretty and so elegant. I made sure it was sexy but also beautiful."

But that's not to say that every piece is going to be all about flashing skin. "I mean, you don’t have to show skin to be sexy! You can stay covered up, but you have to wear something that’s flattering your body, you know what I’m saying?" Cardi B told Elle. "Sometimes I don’t even show my whole body, and still I know it's a very sexy look."

The second collection will take summer trends and mix them with classic boudoir themes. You can expect to see vegan leather and latex in the new capsule line, as well as lots of bright colors like red, fuchsia, and cobalt blue. It will also be budget friendly, where the pieces run from from $29 to $99.

The first Fashion Nova collection was Cardi B's first venture into designing, and the line had a variety of styles. There were Clueless inspired two-piece plaid suits, wide leg leather trousers, and white trench coat dresses, among other things. In the first collection, Cardi B's objective was to make the line feel as upscale and designer as possible.

“I want women to feel rich, to feel like me,” Carbi B told People in 2018. “I didn’t want to make it so ‘hoochie mama.’ I wanted it to feel really high-end like i feel when I’m wearing expensive clothes.”

Designing a clothing collection had been a dream of Cardi B's, and she told People that the fashion line was like “premiering an album.”

“It’s a new milestone in your life. Something you wanted to do and dreamed about and now your dreams are coming true,” she shared.

The new Fashion Nova line launches on May 8, at midnight EST. Get ready to dress like Cardi B all summer long.