The Internet Is CONVINCED Trump's Lookalike Is... A Spanish Potato Farmer

This week, Twitter had a freakout about the apparent resemblance between Donald Trump and a Spanish potato farmer. The farmer's name is Dolores Leis Antelo, and a journalist shared her picture on Instagram for a story about how farmers have been coping with inclement weather. Swiftly, her photo went viral for a different reason. Antelo's thin, bleach-blond hair and orange-hued skin reminded many of the U.S. president.

According to freelance reporter Paula Vázquez, any likeness between Trump and Antelo didn't occur to her when she shared the photo. She'd met Antelo in Cabana de Bergantiños, a district of Galicia in northwestern Spain, while researching her farming article.

"Dolores was going to her farm to pick some cabbages," Vázquez told the Spanish paper Faro de Vigo. "I talked with her for a while, while a girlfriend was taking pictures of her, and I took the opportunity to take another photo with my cellphone."

Soon after Vázquez put the picture on Instagram, it started to be shared on Twitter and other social media outlets, often with the hashtag #SenoraTrump. Newsweek reports that one meme labeled Antelo the "Donald Trump of the Costa da Morte" (the northwestern coast of Galicia): It got retweeted over 4,700 times and received over 8,000 likes.

Antelo has since been interviewed about what it's like to be a viral phenomenon. "My photo seems to have traveled far," she told the Galician paper La Voz de Galicia. "I say it is because of the color of my hair."

But the concept of going viral is still a bit odd to Antelo, who doesn't interact much with digital technology. She told Faro de Vigo that she pays attention to things her daughters show her online but that she's never been interested in personally owning a cell phone or computer. "They say I'm going to be famous for this picture, but I don't understand it," she said.

Her daughter Ana is more familiar with the concept of internet fame and has been enjoying the moment, La Voz de Galicia reports. "Imagine if we were in Donald Trump's family!" she joked to the paper.

Antelo also finds this experience funny, as well as "charming," according to Huffington Post. She told Faro de Vigo that some of her neighbors have taken to referring to her as Trump's cousin.

Antelo is 64 years old, according to The Washington Post, and has been married for 40 years in the rural town of Nantón. She farms potatoes there, a job that has gotten more difficult recently due to a dry, dusty climate. Newsweek reports that dust makes her skin appear more orange in the photo, which probably helped provoke comparisons to Trump.

Some people on social media were excited by the idea that Antelo is Latina, presumably because Trump has made so many crude remarks toward Mexicans and other Latin Americans. But Antelo is not, in fact, Latina — she's Spanish (even more specifically, Galician: Galicia is an autonomous community and has undergone independence movements for hundreds of years). The label Latinx is only used to refer to people from Latin America.

Despite that oft-repeated mistake, social media users have been having a lot of fun with the Antelo-Trump comparison. The Washington Post reports that one Instagram user commented on Vázquez's image, "Can we replace Trump with this hard working lady?"

Trump is unpopular in Spain. A June 2017 poll from the Pew research center found that only 7 percent of Spaniards had confidence in him or his policies. That figure was the lowest confidence rating of any European country and the second-lowest number worldwide, after Mexico.