'The Simpsons' Donald Trump Episodes Spares No Punches

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The next Simpsons episode is really letting loose. The show, famous for having "predicted" Donald Trump's presidency in 2000, minced no words about its thoughts concerning the current president's first 100 days in a video shared on Twitter. The Simpsons clip aims dark, hilarious jabs at Trump, as well as at some high-ranking aides in the White House. For Simpsons fans, the show's satire — already famous for being unapologetic and sharp — took it up another notch. Folks on Twitter seemed to love it.

The video shows a rather overcast evening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The weather outside harbors a thunderstorm, but things are even darker inside the White House. Trump's character is sitting in his bed on his phone, of course, and proclaims, "So many accomplishments! Lowered my golf handicap, my Twitter following increased by 700, and finally, we can shoot hibernating bears. My boys will love that!" Out of nowhere, Trump's character's wig is revealed to be a small dog who readjusts its position on his head. It's bizarre and hilarious.

Apart from this, there are pointed jabs at others too. Matt Groening and company made sure everyone got their share of the Simpsons' brand of humor. In one scene, the cartoon animation pans up to a staircase that boasts two portraits. One is of Trump almost pouting at the camera and the other is of Melania Trump in a rather scandalous full-body shot. Press Secretary Sean Spicer's character has committed suicide in the press conference room and Kellyanne Conway's character is adamant that she will not be his replacement. "I am not replacing him," her character says running away.

There's my favorite bit of Steve Bannon's character choking what appears to be Jared Kushner's character. Bannon's character has his signature slightly-pink nose and unshaven countenance. The details are scarily precise.

There's also Trump in his bed, accompanied by literature by Bill O'Reilly and a book entitled, The Little Book of Big Bombs. An assistant arrives to ask Trump to review a bill that needs immediate attention. Trump's character's responds, "Can't Fox News just read it and I'll watch what they say?"

There's also Ruth Bader Ginsburg being replaced by Ivanka Trump's character, who slithers her way up onto the stage with the other judges and poses for a photo shoot. Ginsburg's character is obviously unhappy to be replaced by Ivanka and proceeds to strangle her Secret Service agent with her pearl necklace.

The best part is also perhaps the most relatable. Many living under Trump's presidency have directed criticism at the president for his views on a variety of subjects. It's this concern that becomes most apparent in the clip when Marge Simpson worriedly watches all of this chaos on TV with Homer and realizes that the pills she needed to "last me the whole four years" have run out. Homer reassures Marge by saying, "Marge, please. Give the president some time. He's only 70 years old." In the background, Grandpa Simpson is being hauled away by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

Reading all of this may not be the best way to experience these brilliant jabs at Trump and his administration. I definitely recommend watching the clip to see how real The Simpsons are willing to get about the current presidency.