The Sleeper Scarf Neck Pillow Is A Chic Way To Snooze On Your Next Trip

If you have ever been on a plane then you know that neck pillows are an important part of the journey. They are also generally quite hideous, but the new Sleeper Scarf neck pillow will make sure you arrive at your destination in style. Frequent travelers know the pitfalls of traditional neck pillows. They're bulky, make you feel like you're wearing a neck brace, and they're not exactly stylish. There are a bevy of different styles to choose from, whether you go with the memory foam option, the blow up choice, or the bead-filled pick. But no matter which one you choose, you will still find yourself walking around the airport with a puffy mass around your neck.

The Sleeper Scarf solves that problem. It's a stylish scarf when it's inactivated, and a comfy pillow when you blow it up. Created Tiffany Paul, a self-proclaimed frequent flier, the infinity scarf comes in seven different color options. You can choose from neutral tones like heather gray or black, to poppy hues like turquoise or cherry red. In order to inflate the scarf, you have two options. There is a discreet air bladder in the back of the accessory, and you can buy a scarf that either inflates automatically or requires you to blow into it. The Traditional Inflate scarf is $40, whereas the Easy Inflate scarf is $49.

Once the infinity scarf is fully blown up, you can settle back and let it nestle your head and neck, making your journey all the comfier. Once the trip is over, you can just deflate the pillow and walk out of the terminal with a chic wrap around your neck. It's a win, win.

The neck pillow hybrid has more draws than just being aesthetically pleasing, though. First off, since the scarf is always going to be draped around your neck, you won't have that annoying moment where your neck pillow is in the overhead compartment and out of reach. So there is that convenience. Also, if you're a chronic over-packer, then this neck pillow is one less thing you have to cram into your carry-on. You can just leave it around your neck, saving a great deal of space in your suitcase.

For those who always get chilly in flights and over-air conditioned airports and buses, then having a scarf for warmth is a good idea. This one won't just keep the chill away, but will also hold your head up when you snooze. Another obvious perk is that the neck pillow is a real scarf. You can take out the inflatable bladder from the scarf when you're not in transit, and use the travel accessory as just a regular outfit accent.

Whether you need to fly across the Atlantic or have to take a train to your parents' house over the weekend, having a neck pillow is always a good idea. The Sleeper Scarf will make sure that you're not only comfortable, but fashionable. If you're a frequent traveler, then this just might be a game changer.