This New TLC Show Follows Moms & Daughters So Close, They Share Bath Water


Is there such a thing as being too close? That's the question at the heart of TLC's sMothered, a new family show that features four mother-daughter pairs who take codependency to an extreme level. Based on the trailer for the series, the moms and daughters in the cast of sMothered go far beyond living together and sharing the details of their lives: they wear matching outfits, share beds, and coordinate their plastic surgeries to correspond with each other. One pair even says they share bath water if it stays warm enough. "If you thought you knew what the phrase 'Like Mother, Like Daughter' meant, just wait until TLC's new family series sMothered," TLC's site warns.

While these women may seem inseparable, sMothered documents what happens when their tight-knit relationships are put to the test. Also in the trailer are conflicts with significant others and outsiders questioning if their intertwined lifestyles cross a line. Each pair has a unique dynamic and various forces trying to push them apart, but they all have one common thread: they love each other. Is it too much? Would a little space do them some good, or do they just have something special? That's what sMothered attempts to answer.

You'll have to tune in to see how things play out, but in the meantime, get to know the mothers and daughters in sMothered Season 1 below.

Dawn & Cher


Dawn and Cher seem to be living parallel lives, albeit 32 years apart. They both speak alike, dress alike, and even married similar men. However, TLC teases that their relationship will be put to the test when Cher admits a secret to her mother that could push them apart.

Sunhe & Angelica

Sunhe and Angelica sleep in the same bed and occasionally share the same water when they bathe. Sunhe has always had Angelica in her life and under the same roof, but their dependency on each other may reach a breaking point when Angelica's relationship with her boyfriend challenges her and Sunhe's living situation.

Kathy & Cristina

Kathy plays a huge role in her daughter Cristina's life, but Cristina's husband calls into question whether Cristina would be better off if Kathy took a step back. The ramifications of Kathy and Cristina's relationship ripples out throughout their extended family, showing that a relationship between two people can impact not just them, but everyone around them.

Sandra & Mariah

Sandra and Mariah are best friends as much as they are mother and daughter, sharing in parties and double dates together. Unlike many of the other pairings on the show that follow daughters who may be outgrowing their relationship with their mothers, Mariah seems more than happy to try and find ways for her mother Sandra to fit into her life.

While no mother-daughter relationship is alike, the sMothered cast shows sometimes, the mothers and daughters in those pairs may be too alike. Get to know them more when sMothered premieres on TLC on Sunday, June 9.