'SNL' Parodied An Infamous (And Ominous) TV Moment For This Season's Last Trump Cold Open

by Lani Seelinger

Another week, another opening segment that brings the house down from NBC's Saturday Night Live. This week's SNL cold open cast Donald Trump as Tony Soprano from the renowned HBO show, essentially recreating the show's closing scene with a new set of characters.

Alec Baldwin's Trump began the segment alone, but that was only before his "family" started trickling in, one by one. To kick things off, the waitress came over to give him the menu and ask if he had any questions.

"I do, actually. Is HPV different than HIV?" Baldwin's Trump said, echoing an MSNBC broadcast of Bill Gates, in which Gates said that Trump had asked him twice about the difference between those two sexually transmitted diseases.

After the waitress left him alone, Baldwin's Trump put a coin in the table-top jukebox to launch the start of Tony Soprano's favorite song, Journey's "Don't Stop Believin.'" Fans of The Sopranos, CNN said, would recognize this from the exact actions Tony Soprano took in the series finale. The first of Trump's "family" to walk in, then, was Rudy Giuliani, played by the versatile Kate McKinnon.

"So Rudy, did you go on Fox News last night?" Trump asked Giuliani, who answered quickly.

"Yup, like 20 times," Giuliani said.

"Don't worry," Giuliani continued. "I told them that you were openly colluding with Russia but ended with, 'SO WHAT?!'" Trump then thanked him.

"I even confessed to some crimes you didn't do, and then I said, 'What are you gonna do, arrest the president? I dare you!'" Giuliani went on, before Trump cut him off. The party then grew by one member, when a haggard looking Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen, played by Ben Stiller, entered the restaurant.

"So, uh, how was work today?" Giuliani asked Stiller's Cohen.

"Ahh, you know, really bad," Cohen said. "Mostly just preparing to go to jail and stuff. They said I might get 20 years unless I give you up!"

"I've heard jail's fun," Baldwin's Trump responded, to a look of misery from Stiller's Cohen. "It's like camp. Plus there's a free gym, dude, you're gonna get so jacked."

"Anyway," Cohen went on, "You have to focus on the good times, isn't that what you once told me, boss?"

"I did?" Baldwin's Trump said.

"Yeah, remember?" Cohen said. "That's why you told me to keep a copy of that Russian pee tape."

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"Oh, I gotta remember to show that on CNN tomorrow, Don Lemon's gonna love that," Giuliani then cut in.

Donald Trump Jr., played by SNL's Mikey Day, then walked in to join the group at the table, explaining that Eric Trump was still outside parallel parking what turned out to be a tricycle. Before the full group could talk much, though, Special Counsel Robert Mueller walked in, with Robert DeNiro reprising that role. DeNiro's Mueller took a seat without saying anything, and only Baldwin's Trump seemed to react to his presence, as the others continued having a very inflammatory conversation.

"Maybe tomorrow I can show you that Chinese deal we didn't talk about," said Day's Trump Jr.

"Oh, good news, you know that woman who's suing you for groping and defaming her?" Cohen said. "I found a guy who's willing to threaten her kids!"

"Yeah that sounds great, Micheal, am I the only one who sees that guy?" Baldwin's Trump said, nodding towards DeNiro's Mueller.

Mueller then walked behind the main table and then stoped next to Trump, indicating that he had his eye on Trump. Just as in the Sopranos series finale, then, the screen cut to black. Whether or not you got all of the references to the Sopranos, which finished in 2007, this weeks cold open still offers plenty of laughs.