Lexus Picks A Great Song For Their Super Bowl Ad

It's that time of year again, when the famous football boys throw the ball around. And, more importantly, when I get to watch a halftime performance and super slick commercials. Lexus recently released their contribution, and I know what you're wondering: what's the song in Lexus' 2017 Super Bowl commercial? It turns out to be Sia, but, before you get too excited, just know that it's not new music from the talented artist; it's actually a pull from an already-released album: 2016's This Is Acting.

The song itself is called "Move Your Body," and, while I'm admittedly a little bummed that it doesn't herald a new album for Sia, it's always nice to hear tracks of hers that weren't played out on the radio start to get a little more air time. When everything you touch turns to gold, it's hard for all of your songs to get the attention they deserve. Tough problem to have, right?

Anyway, the song is a great match for the commercial, as it features a physically-expressive dancer performing opposite a car. The lyrics of "Move Your Body" seem to describe the eye-catching curves and sinuous movement of both, with lines like:

Poetry in your body
You got it in every way
And can't you see it's you I'm watching?
I am hot for you in every way

The song is about turning heads on the dance floor, which the shirtless man dancing next to, and all over, the car is more than doing. And which, presumably, is the goal for the car itself as well. We're getting close-ups on this car that are as up-close and sensual as the shots we're getting of the male dancer, so the song thumping in the background feels very appropriate. If I saw these two dancing together at the club, I'd be like, "Wow, they're going home together for sure."

The whole commercial seems to be a play on the juxtaposition of the body of a car and the body of a dancer, so "Move Your Body" is a very apt choice to highlight both. Not to mention it's catchy AF, and I blast it on my own time as well.