That 'Girlboss' Trailer Song Is Epic

by S. Atkinson

It's a seriously great televisual appetizer. Sophia Amoruso is trawling for vintage, and then she strikes gold. Just as she reveals the horrible truth to the thrift store owner, namely, that he's sold her some fashion treasure for way, way too few dollars, a huge intro kicks in. So what's the song in the Girlboss trailer? Like the gorgeous 1970s east/west leather jacket that she snaps up in the store, it's a retro classic that never gets old. Namely, it's the 2004 hit "TKO" from New York electroclash band Le Tigre, and it's going to be stuck in your head all day.

It's the perfect fit for the trailer. After all, just like the Nasty Gal founder the series focuses on, Le Tigre's look showed them recycling retro aesthetics for a new generation, whether with the beehive that Kathleen Hanna sports on the cover of the album the song is taken from or in the '80s-inspired neon styling of their pink outfits on the cover of their 2001 record Feminist Sweepstakes. Besides which, even musically, "TKO" seems appropriate for a backing track, given its riot grrrl stylings. Just like the band itself, the Netflix trailer suggests that women have far more power than we give them credit for.

While Le Tigre have a poppier sound than you'd normally associate with the scene, their vibe has always been influenced by punk. They spit lyrics like "Oh f*ck Giuliani/ he’s such a f*cking jerk" ("My My Metrocard") or crooning “let me hear you de-politicize my rhyme” ("Deceptacon"). If you consider that punk's all about disregarding previous ways of doing things and making up the rules for yourself, then this also fits perfectly with the Girlboss story, which follows Amoruso as she sets up one of the first major vintage websites and has to figure business out for herself, since she's never worked as a CEO before.

In short, it's a musical/TV match made in heaven. But what did you expect? Given how stellar this series looks, it's hardly a surprise that they've shelled out for a rocking tune to match. So if you can't wait 'til April 21 when the series drops, you know what to do. Dive into Le Tigre's old back catalogue.