The Mr. Clean Ad Song Sounds Like Pure '90s

by Amy Roberts

Anyone who happens to share a living space with their significant other can testify to the pure, if terribly mundane, erotic pleasures of your partner cleaning your home for you. It's beyond hot. And the Mr. Clean Super Bowl commercial, which will air during the break of the event on Sunday, is a glorious and all too familiar celebration of that fact. But prepare yourselves, because the advertisement won't just compel you to encourage domestic chores as foreplay; it'll also have you utterly obsessed with the song from the Mr. Clean Super Bowl commercial, too.

Which is fair enough, you guys. Because not only is it formidably catchy, but it also possesses so many fabulous '90s boy band-style charms that your obsession is totally valid. Like, I'm hearing the sensual falsetto of a Justin Timberlake type all over this thing. So who performs the Mr. Clean commercial song?

First, a little background. The advertisement shows a woman, Sarah, being serenaded by the now totally buff "Mr. Clean" as he scrubs floors and hip shakes into her heart. After watching him do a hot and heavy cleaning session, however, Sarah realizes that the object of her rampant lust isn't "Mr. Clean", but her adorable partner — onto whom she naturally piles a whole lotta love in reward for his admirable domestic tasks.

The song makes for an absolutely perfect fit into the commercial because it's basically a musical fantasy. Especially for those of us who grew up obsessed with boy bands during the '90s, since it seems to so wonderfully embody so many tropes of classic love songs of that type.

According to the website TV Advert Songs, it seems as though the song was made specially for the commercial, and so isn't available for download or streaming anywhere else. On the upside, though, can we all just take a moment to appreciate that this song could well be the new Mr .Clean commercial jingle? I'm completely living for that idea. And though I do find the transformation of "Mr. Clean" into a muscular lothario just a little unnerving, I'm absolutely loving the thought that has gone into making this song.

Clearly, it's a throwback tribute to many beloved, cheesy love songs of the '90s. And, as well as sounding like every *NSync ballad that you ever daydreamed to, it also features lyrics that are giving me some severe Savage Garden vibes. Seriously, couldn't you imagine the lines, "Got what you want, got what you need. Be your dreamboat, be your fantasy. I’ll be your ecstasy," somewhere within the pining platitudes of "Truly Madly Deeply"? Exactly. They totally fit.

So, while you might not be able to listen to a full length version of this song while doing your own sexy, domestic chores at home, at the very least you can look forward to watching Mr. Clean get a bit dirty during the Super Bowl, instead.