The Trailer For NBC’s Songwriting Competition Show Includes SO Many Of Your Fave Artists

by Savannah Walsh

Your next favorite musical reality series is on its way — and some of your favorite musical artists are coming along for the ride. NBC released the first trailer for the new series, Songland on Monday, April 1, and there are some exciting people involved with the show's new concept.

Songland will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create, pitch, and produce a hit song. It's a songwriting competition series in which aspiring hitmakers are mentored by major music producers each week. Then, the tunes are performed before some of the music industry's biggest names in order to receive feedback, praise, and potentially, their big break. Charlie Puth can even be heard during the trailer saying, "I'm picking your song." Will our exclusive first look at Puth's next chart-topper come from this series?!

In the trailer for the new series, which premieres Tuesday, May 28 on NBC, musicians including Puth, John Legend, Meghan Trainor, Kelsea Ballerini, Macklemore, and the Jonas Brothers make appearances. Mega producers including Ryan Tedder and Will.i.am are also on board the project, with Adam Levine acting as one of the executive producers. With the star power behind the show as strong as it is, Songland could prove to be a major catalyst for up-and-coming songwriters and the birthplace to your new favorite songs.

Songland will prove to be a fresh take on the music competition series, shining a spotlight on songwriters, who haven't necessarily received their full due before. With a performance competition show for nearly any taste from The Voice to American Idol to Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, Songland is poised to shake-up the formula. With the success from shows that center on fashion designers ala Project Runway and chefs via Top Chef, songwriters may be finally getting their time to shine. Tedder insists in the trailer, "We're gonna pull back the curtains. We're gonna show you how music is made."

While most music competition shows surround an artist or group wanting to become famous musicians themselves, contestants on Songland will angle for their work to be placed in the hands of other artists. Nearly every celebrity involved with the show puts out music regularly, from the JoBros new reunion songs to Trainor and Puth's upcoming releases. In the trailer, Legend notes that, "Every artist is looking for one thing: That next great song." So not only will contestants get a major opportunity on Songland, but the experience will be mutually beneficial for the mentors.

As more details about the series emerge, fans may be able to piece together which new songs from their fave artists originated on Songland. From watching the first trailer, it looks that several of the musicians involved from Nick Jonas to Macklemore are taking claim of songs they've heard and want to record.

Will, as this first look promises, the next #1 hit start on Songland? Viewers will have to wait just a little bit longer. And for those aspiring songwriters out there, have your music ready.