The 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Cast Responds To The Trolls

With great power, comes great responsibility — and with a new comic book movie, comes all the very passionate reactions. Superhero films have a tendency to elicit some pretty intense responses from fans, on everything from their casting to their soundtracks to their abundance of Easter Eggs, or lack thereof. And when a comic-based movie is part of a franchise as beloved as Spider-Man, like the newest addition to the big screen superhero world, Spider-Man: Homecoming? Well, you can expect that people will have thoughts — and won't be afraid to share them.

The movie hits theaters on July 7, and it can already be deemed a huge success, thanks to the glowing critical reactions it's received. Homecoming is the funniest, smartest, most enjoyable Spider-Man movie yet, due in large part to its totally game cast (Tom Holland, Laura Harrier, Zendaya and more) and clear placement in the bigger Marvel universe. It's simply a great movie, one that both Marvel superfans and newbies alike are bound to love.

That doesn't mean there aren't still trolls, though, who've been making their critiques of the film known for months, now, even if everything they have to say is pretty ridiculous. So when speaking with several of the Homecoming cast members (Holland, Harrier, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon) on a recent day in New York, I thought I'd give them a chance to respond to some of the silliest criticisms their movie's received — and they did not hold back when it came to telling the haters just what they thought.