The 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Soundtrack Sounds Epic

If there's one word that can appropriately describe the vibe of Spider-Man: Homecoming, it's "playful." Taking that youthful joy factor one step further in its third iteration, Spider-Man: Homecoming's trailers appear to be leaning into the cheekier aspects of the world of Spider-Man (like in the Tobey Maguire version of Spider-Man), while bringing in some of the seriousness that comes with being a teen superhero (like in the Andrew Garfield version). Ahead of the film's release, fans have not only been treated to the first song from composer Michael Giacchino, but we also get a look at the Spider-Man: Homecoming soundtrack, which sounds playful too. Just looking at the song titles, it would appear the music will match that mixture of playfulness and seriousness shown in the trailers.

Collider was one of the first outlets to report on the Spider-Man: Homecoming soundtrack, detailing the track listing as well as previewing the "Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite" by Giacchino, which may close out the movie since it's last on the track list. It also sounds like the song titles are just as intriguing.

Just take a look at some of these great song names:

  • "Academic Decommitment"
  • "On a Ned-to-Know Basis"
  • "No Vault of His Own"
  • "Pop Vulture"
  • "Bussed a Move"
  • "Vulture Clash"

I mean, pretty amazing and pretty playful, right? I can practically hear Peter Parker's squeaky teenager voice saying them — with lots of gusto, of course.

This track list also gives us hints at what's to come in Spider-Man: Homecoming. There appears to be three tracks dedicated to the ferry incident shown in the trailers, which makes it feel like this could be a more major set-piece in the film that we think. There's also a track called "Drag Racing/Old Van Rundown," which leaves me wondering whether Peter and his best friend, Ned, are going to be getting into some illegal drag racing

Additionally, there are two hidden tracks: "The Queens Community Bank Jingle" and "The Real Reason Peter Quit The Band." The former probably refers to the moment in one of the first Homecoming trailers when Peter foils an ATM robbery and the robbers are wearing Avengers masks. The latter hidden track, however, makes it sounds like Peter isn't just some science nerd-turned-superhero — is he a musician too?

Basically, the Spider-Man: Homecoming soundtrack sounds as epic as the film it's scoring and just as silly, too. In case you need even more convincing that this soundtrack is a good omen, take a listen to the "Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite" above and imagine what it's like to save a ferry-load of people.